Paine College Student Retention

Reclamation and Retention

Student retention is a primary focus of the enrollment management program at Paine College. There are tow major programs in place that aid Paine College in ensuring that students complete all requirements leading to graduation. These programs are the Bridge Program and Project Breakthrough.

In an effort to retain current students, Project Breakthrough was developed to meet the needs of students who might be having academic challenges. The newly redesigned program seeks to identify students with academic challenges before they undergo any type of academic sanctions. Project Breakthrough attempts to address the entire student by offering services such as tutoring, mentoring, and weekly checks. Students, who are experiencing academic challenges because of personal or family issues, are referred to the counseling center before they experience negative impacts on their transcripts.

The newly developed Bridge Program will be launched in the Fall of 2016. This program will incorporate a number of components, including workshops on transitioning to college, financial aid opportunities, navigating the online educational tools, and general sessions on college success. The program will work in conjunction with EDU 101, which is the Freshman Orientation course, also referred to as Prep for Excellence. The ultimate goal of Bridge is to give freshman the skills needed to be successful, which will directly impact their ability to complete their degree program.

For More Information, contact the Office of Student Affairs:

Prof. R. Wayne Woodson
Dean and Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
Assistant Professor and Director of Music
Director, Paine College Honors Program
Peters Campus Center
Office: 706-821-8302


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