Social Media

Paine College uses several social media sites to disseminate information to current and prospective students, alumni, faculty, staff and the community!

Hashtags Paine College uses special hashtags on social media to share the College's stories. Here is a sampling of some of the most common hashtags we use:

  • #PaineCollege - use to share news
  • #PCPride - use to share your accomplishments
  • #PCGrad - use for graduation
  • #PaineCollegenews - use this hashtag to share any news
  • #ILoveMyPC - use to show your Paine College pride

News & Media

The Office of Communications and Marketing is available to assist print, broadcast, online media and television and motion picture productions. Our office will connect media members with faculty experts or staff. Members of the news media should contact the Office of Communications and Marketing for assistance in finding experts who will comment on news stories.

Staging Enabled