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Paine Alumnus, Samuel Fudge, to Star in Hollywood Film

September 2, 2018

Samuel Fudge ‘16 has a supporting role in the upcoming 2019 movie called "Emperor, directed by Mark Amin. This movie is based on true events leading up to the civil war." It's a pre-civil war drama based on the life of Shields Green.  Fudge plays the role of Henry an escapee. Before Emperor, Fudge said he featured in Birth of a Nation and played the character Trent Floyd in TV one's Fatal Attraction.

Fudge grew up in humble beginnings.  He credits Paine College for giving him a "New Life." His mother who Fudge said did the very best that she could,  once lived in a cheap motel at times found themselves evicted. When other kids had extra money to buy candy and toys, he gave his money over to his mother. From the time he was 7 years old, he prayed to God to make him successful. Fudge gives his credit to God, Paine and the good friends he surrounds himself with. Fudge now holds an MFA from SCAD and he encourages Paine students to continue their education after PAINE to perfect their craft.

Fudge credits Paine faculty. and staff for supporting him during his time at the College. He said from the janitor to the professors, all spoke into his life. His theater professor, Dr. John Harris Jr. gave him encouragement when there was no one else in his life to believe in his gift to act. Dr. Harris believed in him, even when he did not believe in himself. This encouragement propelled Fudge to believe in himself. That self-belief, lead others to believe in him as well. From that time on, there was nothing to stop his pursuit of acting. Fudge encourages alums to keep giving. He feels that had it not been for PAINE and the Alums, he would not be where he is at today.

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