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Paine College Launches the Collegiate Male Initiative (CMI)

June 2, 2018

Paine College has launched a Rally fundraiser to support the recently formed Collegiate Male Initiative (CMI). CMI, directed by the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, is a program targeted at increasing male success by fostering change, promoting a positive image of male excellence, establishing a culture of collegiality and empowering the community by serving as ambassadors and role models.

The Rally, which aims to raise $15,000 would be used to cover the cost of outreach materials, experiential learning costs, host partnerships with local high schools, and workshops. "African-American males still have the lowest graduation rates of all demographics in higher education," said R. Wayne Woodson, Dean Of Student Affairs And Enrollment Management and Assistant Professor, "The first way to shift this statistical fact is to present a different image of male excellence on and off the campus."

Although graduation rates of African-American students overall have increased in the past ten years, the rate of Black male graduates has declined. CMI will help pave the way for male students to be more successful in college. Your donations will help accomplish this goal. Learn more about the initiative at Donate today on

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