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July 19, 2021

  Readies for Students' Return to Lion Nation

This fall 2021 semester promises to greet new and returning students with a plethora of campus upgrades, new and improved services, and extensive enhancements. Upgrades are taking place in Residential Halls, Peters Campus Center, Academic Buildings, Grounds, and Campus Streets. Here is a birds eye view of ongoing renovations and upgrades.

Peters Campus Center - Exterior painting, broken glass windows and partitions replaced, and Cafeteria upgrades

Berry Gomillion Residential Hall -- Replaced all windows, refurbished lobby, new entry doors, and interior paint job

Hollis Hall, Gray Hall, Graham Hall, Ervin Hall -- Beds were replaced in many of the rooms, flooring refurbished in all residential halls, plumbing, electrical and Wi-fi upgraded and repaired.

Emmett Street Extension -- Paved Emmett Street and corrected poor drainage

Mary Helm Hall -- Painted exterior building, upgraded bathrooms and computer lab inside Mary Helm Hall

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