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Paine Alumnus Launches New Startup

January 12, 2020

Paine College Alumnus Samuel Lee Fudge launched a new company this year. He credits Paine College with preparing him with the ability to start and lead his startup. Read his interview below:

What is Dream Lotus?

To say the very least, Dream Lotus is a production company. Lacorrie Mccarty, Nathaniel Williams, and I collectively wanted to form a micro company that created thought-provoking content that will educate, uplift, and empower our culture today and generations to come. Through our art, we want to connect with the spirits of our audiences to influence self-growth from within. Our company specializes in developing short films, commercials, music, music videos, PSA's, photographs, and digital graphics. We also write and produce theatrical stage plays. To support our projects, the company sells Dream Lotus Hats and T-shirts designed by Nicki Sutton, owner of SOL ROOTz Apparel. The money that supporters invest by purchasing merchandise cycles back to them through the art we create. We need the support of people to continue supporting the people.

The name Dream Lotus stems from the symbolism of the Lotus Flower and my own concept of how it relates to human experiences. The lotus flower starts a seed, buried in mud. Relying on its roots, the flower fights through the mud, until it reaches the surface. Once it has finally made its way to the light, the Lotus finally blossoms into the beautiful flower we know it to be. Just like the lotus flower, we all go through muddy instances in our lives that may temporarily blind us from our dreams and goals. Once we have persevered pass these occasions while focusing on our dreams, we can then blossom beautifully like the lotus flower. Every single person in the world who has overcome trials, tribulations, or turmoil in their life to achieve a goal is a Lotus.

The phrase "Dream Lotus" is used as an action verb. It gives breath to our movement as well as the energy my team and I would like to give out to the world. "Dream Lotus" means to defy the odds with a dream while surfacing beautifully.

Were there any barriers or setbacks with this new venture?

If so, how did you overcome them? FEAR! Being human, I feel it's only natural we experience fear as we venture out to new limits and heights. My biggest fear was failing the company by not producing efficiently. While still in the developing stage of Dream Lotus Productions, my team, Lacorrie Mccarty, Nathaniel Williams, and Lydia Elmore (Paine College Alumna), have been with me every step of the way. Their assistance and guidance have been tremendously significant to the company's progress. We each meet daily to fellowship, discuss the task, and establish individual responsibilities for the week and month. Having their support and knowing they are always available when needed, makes my job as a CEO much easier. Hats off to my team!

How did Paine College prepare you for this step?

Paine College has prepared me for this step in many of ways. Opportunities to serve in leadership roles on campus afforded me the training needed to run dream Lotus on a professional level. I walked into Dream Lotus already with the ability to lead effectively and was almost overly prepared. Mass communications Professors, John Harris Jr. and Teri Burnette, too, prepared me for this stage of my life by consistently challenging my creativity, mind, and work ethic. They also made me aware of my potential and responsibility as an arts leader. The department has taught me the education needed to create from all perspectives of the camera, including "Behind of". This now allows for me to play multiple production roles within the Dream Lotus Company. Paine College Media Studies Department literally created a Frankenstein Monster in me, and now my ambitions are limitless. I strongly feel that my experiences as founder and president of Paine Playhouse Theatre arts organization have prepared me the most. Paine Playhouse taught me that the process is good. I now honor the process as it is the essential key to success. I also learned the importance of collaboration and using your best to bring out the best of those you lead.

Where can people learn more about Dream Lotus?

Right now, as we are developing, the best place to stay connected with what we are doing is through social media.

  • Facebook page (Dream Lotus)
  • Instagram (@_dreamlotus)
  • Facebook Page (Samuel Lee Fudge)
  • Instagram (@Samuelleefudge)

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