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Paine College Alumnus Deonte Moses Receives Internship from Duke Chapel

June 6, 2019

Here at Paine College, we have come to expect nothing but the best from our graduates as they journey out into the world. Their successes rarely surprise us, since we've always recognized their potential and appreciated all that they have to offer to their communities. Of course, that doesn't mean that we're not excited to track their progress and see them enjoy the success that they've worked so hard to achieve. One recent example of that success comes from alumnus Deonte Moses, who received an internship from Duke Chapel earlier this month.

The paid Student Ministry internship is scheduled to begin on August 26, 2019 and last through April 30 of next year. Deonte will report directly to Rev. Joshua Lazard, who said that the Paine alumnus' "skills and relationship experience are an excellent match for the Chapel." As a student ministry intern, Deonte will have a variety of responsibilities to manage as he continues studies to obtain his Master of Theology degree. The internship requires 15 hours of work each week, and Deonte will be expected to provide "team support" for various student ministry events like Framing Your Faith sessions.

His role will also see him working to help Chapel Scholars get connected to service learning opportunities, recruit other Duke undergraduates as Scholars, and develop personal relationships with at least five Chapel Scholars. For those who know him well, it is truly gratifying to see Deonte's hard work and commitment recognized in this manner. We commend Duke Chapel for recognizing his talent and desire to serve and are confident that they will be pleased with their decision to provide him with this opportunity.

Of course, Deonte is no stranger to challenges. We've talked about his story before and cited it as an example of how hard work, perseverance, and commitment can overcome any obstacle. Though he began his journey as a struggling high school basketball star with the lowest GPA in his district, he eventually overcame those odds and became a true student success story here at Paine College – serving as captain of the basketball team and leading Paine's Student Government.

His experience with overcoming adversity obviously helped to shape him into the man he is today. It's also helped him to understand his own purpose in life. In his words, that purpose is to "be a light to those who might come from the same humble beginnings that I come from." Deonte's Paine College family is confident that he will continue to serve that purpose in his new internship role at Duke Chapel. After all, the student ministry's stated mission is to "guide students toward taking purposeful steps in discerning their unique gifts, talents, and calling" and align them with "the world's deepest needs." Deonte is uniquely qualified to help the ministry achieve that lofty goal.

So, well done, Deonte Moses. We congratulate you on your recent internship offer and eagerly look forward to seeing you continue to enjoy the success that you so richly deserve!

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