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Meet Our Paine College Pride Ambassadors!

December 19, 2018

A reinvigorated Paine College requires an even greater outreach effort to tell our story to new and would-be students, guests, and the broader public-at-large. To accomplish that goal, we are proud to announce our 2018-2019 Pride Ambassadors. This group, made up of Paine College students eager to share their experiences and pride in their school, will be providing tours of the campus beginning in the spring semester. They will also be offering their assistance for student admissions at college fairs in the area. This year's Pride Ambassadors are a truly remarkable group of young people committed to their education, their school, and ensuring that prospective students learn everything they need to know to appreciate Paine College's unique and historic educational role in the Augusta area. Just last year, Paine students and faculty celebrated the school's 136th year as Augusta's historically African-American college and will celebrate the 137th year on February 8, 2019. Our mission as a church related private college has been to offer our students a high-quality liberal arts education that provides the academic knowledge, ethical grounding, spiritual values, and leadership abilities they need to achieve success in their communities, their country, and the world. Our student ambassadors are committed to that mission and motivated by a desire to serve their peers, the school, and their communities.

The Ambassadors for 2018-2019 include Kobia Anderson, Timontrez Eady, Dimetrius Jones, James Mason, Juan Smith, Mya Tate, and Secret Wagner.

"Being a Pride Ambassador allows me to give back to my institution in the now. Paine College is emerging anew and I want to be a part in pushing Paine College forward," Secret Wagner said.

Kobia Anderson shares that sentiment and desire to give back to the college and said, "Paine has shaped me to be the person I am today. I have gained nothing but positive friends and confidence within myself."

In recent years, Paine College has experienced new challenges, and these difficulties have sometimes taken a toll on the university's public image. Despite those challenges, our faculty and staff continue to believe in the school's mission and its important role in educating our youth.

Pride Ambassador James Mason recognized the importance of that commitment when he said, "When people talk about or see Paine they will think about us and the image we hold. Changing the image of Paine is my main goal."

For 137 years, Paine College has been a place where students, faculty, and the community could all take pride in our common commitment to excellence in learning and the personal development of our community and nation's future leaders. Thanks to this year's group of outstanding Pride Ambassadors, we are confident that we will continue to fulfill those commitments for another 137 years and beyond.

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