Paine College Concert Concert

Paine College Concert Choir

The Paine College Concert Choir (PCCC) is the official musical organization for Paine College. The Paine College Concert Choir was organized in the spring of 1960. This was a group of 35 students chosen by careful examination from the college chorus, which usually numbered 55, to represent the college on tour. The repertoire of the group included both sacred and secular compositions from 16th century polyphony through contemporary. The concert featured a group of spirituals and folk songs, as well as music by Lassus, Palestrina, Handel, Haydn, Schubert, Brahms, Clokey and Sibelius. Also included in the program was a group of madrigals by the newly formed Madrigal Singers. The Students in the choir gave of their time to prepare music for an average of 20 to 25 performances per year.

Today, Led by Professor Johnnie J. Felder, PCCC acknowledges and embraces all genres of music while it continues to develop leaders and serve the community. To learn more, visit the Paine College Concert Choir Facebook page.

Throughout the year, the Paine College Concert Choir (PCCC) holds concerts on Campus and tours the nation, none of which could be achieved without the support of donors. We are grateful to all who support PCCC through attending our concerts and donations. By giving to PCCC, you are investing future leaders. Click here to make a donation to PCCC online through Rally. If you wish to speak to Director Johnnie Felder, please call 706-396-7570.  

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