Paine College Financial Aid


The Paine College Financial Aid Office is the designated central clearinghouse for all federal and institutional student employment. The Financial Aid Office selects, on the basis of financial need, as many students for the work study program as funding allows. Employment positions are available on campus or in approved non-profit, off-campus organizations.

The Work Study Program provides valuable experiences to students both in and outside of their field of study. Paine College focuses on all work that is beneficial to the student since employers generally seek prospective employees with relevant work experience. The student employee is expected to be responsible, dependable, and conscientious.

Students are afforded equal opportunity without regard to race, color, national or ethnic origin, are, gender, religion, sexual orientation or physical or mental disability. Student employees are extended the same privileges of appeal regarding terms and conditions of employment, according to due process procedures, as are full-time College employees. The Financial Aid Committee shall serve as the final board adjudication.

To be offered Work Study, a student must apply for financial aid by the priority deadline, March 1, and must demonstrate sufficient financial need. Work study funding may not be available for all eligible students, since funds are awarded from a limited annual allocation; once that allocation is committed, new awards cannot be made.

In order to qualify for employment under any Work Study Program, a student must be enrolled for at least 12 hours Fall and Spring Semesters. Only students who have been awarded Work Study funding by the Paine College Financial Aid Office can be hired for Work Study positions. Since Work Study is financial aid, a student's eligibility and earnings limit are based on factors which are not job-related. Work Study funds are awarded to the student, not to the employer. We cannot guarantee that all requests for Work Study student employees will be filled.

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