Math and Science Improvement program

The Math and Science Improvement Program

The Math and Science Improvement Program is a five week summer program (June 8-July 11, 2014) for recent high school graduates and transfer students intending to attend college in Fall 2014. It gives participants a great opportunity to receive a stipend as well as 3 credit hours for college algebra. Please see the following information in regards to the program's offerings and benefits.

Program Details

  • 5 weeks residential academic program focusing on mathematical reasoning and problem solving
  • Integration of Science into Mathematical concepts
  • Enhancement of algebraic skills
  • Development of technological skills
  • Personal Development
  • Introductory Concepts in
  • Chemistry
  • Interaction with mathematics and science faculty


  • Receive college credit for MAT 122—College Algebra (3 credit hours)
  • Tuition waived for 3 credit hours
  • Stipend $250
  • Free room and Board
  • Enhance knowledge in math and sciences
  • Improve mathematical skills
  • Increase motivation to major in math, sciences and technology

Contact Information

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