School of Professional Studies

Welcome to Paine College's School of Professional Studies! As the new Dean of the School of Professional Studies, my vision for the School is for us to provide an extraordinary service to all students utilizing the Engage, Inspire and Transform model. For each of our academic departments, students will engage in activities, experience opportunities, and excel at challenges that will help them define and achieve their intellectual, personal, and professional goals. Classroom studies combined with internship experiences, research opportunities, creative pursuits, global learning, and civic engagement, culminate to a world class education.

The School of Professional Studies is committed to preparing students to become leaders in their professions by building on a strong liberal arts program central to the Paine College experience. It houses the Departments of Business Administration, Education and Media Studies. Students can earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, or Accounting, or Education, or a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Studies. Further, students can major in
1) Business Administration with concentrations in Accounting, Marketing, Management, Management Information Systems or International Business,
2) Education with majors in Early Childhood, Middle Grades Education, and Secondary Education or
3) Mass Communications with concentrations in Theater, Radio/Television, Journalism or Public Relations.

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