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Department of Business Administration

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The Vision of the Department of Business Administration (DBA) is to become a quality graduate business program

The Department of Business Administration is committed to the Mission of Paine College and is further committed to establish, promote, and recognize educational practices that contribute to the continuous improvement of business related programs that adhere to the teaching and learning practices of excellence established by accreditation standards. The Department of Business Administration is accredited by the Accreditation Council of Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

The purpose of Paine College Business Program is to offer an innovative undergraduate Business Program that prepares students to be properly equipped for successful careers that will utilize emerging technology to effectively lead today's global businesses. The Department of Business Administration offers a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in business administration (BSA) with a core in business administration and emphases in:

- Accounting
- International business
- Management
- Management information systems
- Marketing

Accreditation Profile:
- Received Initial Accreditation from ACBSP In 2011
- Reaffirmed the Accreditation in 2011
- Submit two year report every other year to ACBSP with excellent acceptance
- All faculty are doctoral qualified in their teaching discipline

Department of Business Administration: Enrollment
The department over the last three years experienced decline in enrollment but has developed a strategic plan to increase enrollment by 25% in the next academic year cycle.


Department of Business Administration:Enrollment and Retention and Attrition 

Paine College calculates retention statistics based on a cohort of students that enters the institution during a specific Fall Semester and returns to the institution during the next Fall Semester. In the Table below, the term of initial enrollment for a specific cohort is designated as the "Entrance Term." Retained students indicates how effective we are as a department and triggers searching alternatives when the number is low. The department plans to increase retention by 7.2% during 2024 academic year with a new developed strategic plan.

Department of Business Administration: Graduation Rate

Graduation Rate The department will increase Graduation Rate by 35% during the next academic year cycle with the following strategic action plan: Action Plan for the next cycle:

  • a. Advisement and mentorship
  • b. Graduating senior's participation in sponsored career fair
  • c. Bi-monthly meeting with Faculty/Students
  • d. Implement "Early Alert" warning System tracking close-to-dropping out students.

    Department of Business Administration: Placement Rate

There is an average 34.4% Placement Rate over a five-year period computed by the Department of Business. Word-of-mouth is that we have more than 80% average placed in the work force in the area of their discipline study. A robust tracking system will be used for the next five-year cycle.

Department of Business Administration: Students Experiences

Five-year monitoring on student experiences focused on students Internship and ETS exams. 

A. Educational Testing Services

In a national scale Paine College Department of Business scored 87% average over a five-year period comparing with other business schools in the national ETS Exam

B. Internship

Internship is a requirement in the Paine College Business program curriculum as more area organizations demands student interns before the starting of the semester Performance level average on five-year trending data was 90.6% achievement level.

Junior Exit Exam 
Juniors in the business program must pass the Junior Standard Exam (JSE) of the designated courses of the Common Professional Component (CPC) with an average score of 70% or better.

Five-Year trending data shows an average of 80.45% achievement by the community employers.


BEEP Program

Department of Business Administration: BEEP Program The Black Executive Exchange Program brings successful African Americans from the public and private sector to historically black colleges and universities to share their experience and expertise with students and help them prepare for successful careers and future.

In a Five-Year trend, the BEEP Visiting Professors observed performance of the students in a scale (1-5) was 4.52.

Delta Mu Delta

Delta Mu Delta: Select Students: In Recognition Of Outstanding Scholastic Record In Business Subject: Delta Mu Delta established affiliation in 1992, with ACBSP whereby future chapter establishment occurs only at colleges and universities with business program accredited by ACBSP at the baccalaureate/graduate level. A GPA of 3.25 is required to be inducted The purpose of Delta Mu Delta is to promote higher scholarship in training for business and to recognize and reward scholastic attainment in business subjects. The Iota Psi chapter was installed in October 22, 2001 at Paine College

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