School of Arts and Sciences

School of Arts & Sciences

Welcome to the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) at Paine College—the ‘Academic Pulse' of the college. As a destination college for the study of the arts and sciences, Paine College provides the foundation and extension of the college's vision, which was inaugurated in 1882. The vision of Paine College [‘to build on its achievements and legacy to be regionally recognized as a premier liberal arts institution of higher education'] is realized through the School of Arts and Sciences. It is in the SAS that all current incoming undergraduates take foundational courses—the general education curriculum—with some students remaining within the school to earn degrees from one of its three departments. The SAS provides a socially relevant and ethically informed liberal arts education that enables each student to become more profoundly aware of self and others towards a catalytically continuous humanistic inquiry.

Paine College students are exposed and immersed in the dynamic foundations of historical and contemporary culture through both general and advanced courses in languages, literatures, mathematics, sciences, technology, philosophy, religion, visual arts and performance arts. These courses, taught by experts in the disciplines, advance students' development of critical skills, technological abilities and aesthetic awareness and appreciation of local, regional, national and international landscapes as they prepare to make valuable contributions to a rapidly evolving 21st century workplace and world. The School of Arts and Sciences is conscientious in developing the ‘entire' person. In addition to a central focus on academic excellence, the SAS provides a vibrant cultural and social agenda of activities including involvement in campus-based organizations, fraternities and sororities. Students also have on-going opportunities to interface with world-renowned lecturers, authors, disciplines.

The School of Arts and Sciences consists of three departments that offer the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees:


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