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Selecting the courses needed to complete your degree can seem challenging. Academic advising will help you through the process. With academic advising you will receive information, advice, and guidance in completing your education requirements. Together we will develop a track to help you achieve your educational, personal, and career goals.

Get the most out of academic advisement by:

Having regular appointments with your advisor

Always list your goals

Ask questions and share your concerns

Be familiar with all requirements for your chosen degree

Making a personal Investment in the academic advising process will ensure that you get the most of each session. The better prepared you are the more likely you will be satisfied with your course selection and overall college experience.

Using a shared-model Academic Advising will provide students with clear and contemporary information on any given program of study while providing them with specific discipline support to realize their academic goals. Professional advisors ensure that students understand the requirements of any given program of study, while faculty mentors provide students with guidance regarding discipline specific activities to include post baccalaureate opportunities, research, and scholarly opportunities.

Below are the departments and advisors for academic year 2022– 2023.
Department of Business: Dr. Okoroafor Nzeh, Chair
Degree and Major:  Bachelor of Science with a major in Business Administration
Academic Advisors for the Business Administration major and concentrations
International Business and Management Information Systems:  Dr. Okoroafor Nzeh

Management: Dr. Yao Amewokunu
Marketing:  Dr. Maurice McBride-Owens

Accounting and all concentrations (as needed): Dr. Nzeh

Contact Information:  
Dr. Okoroafor Nzeh,, 706.821.8331, Chair
Dr. Yao Amewokunu,, 706.821.8254

Dr. Maurice McBride-Owens,, 706821.8337

Department of Humanities: Dr. Nancy Bookhart, Chair
Degree and Major:  Bachelor of Arts with a major in History
Academic Advisors for the History major
History:  Prof. Robert Jones – and -- Prof. Kimberly Baxter
Contact Information:
Dr. Nancy Bookhart,, 706.821.7587, Chair
Prof. Robert Jones,, 706.821.8131
Prof. Kimberly Baxter,,  706.821.8106

Department of Media Studies: Prof. Amesha Arnold, Chair
Degree and Major:  Bachelor of Arts with a major in Mass Communications
Academic Advisors for the Mass Communications major and concentrations in Broadcasting
Contact Information: 
Prof. Amesha Arnold, Chair,, 706.821.8132

Department of Mathematics, Science, and Technology: TBD, Chair
Degree and Major:  Bachelor of Science with a major in Biology; and,
Degree and Major:  Bachelor of Science with a major in Mathematics
Academic Advisors for the Biology and Mathematics separate majors and concentrations
Biology:  Dr. Srinivas Sonne, Dr. Gabriel Swenson (alternate),
Mathematics:  Dr. William Lawless
Contact Information:


Dr. Srinivas Sonne,, 706.821.8313; Alternate: Dr. Gabriel Swenson,, 706.821.8227
Dr. Williams Lawless,, 706.821.8284

Department of Social Sciences: Dr. Elias Etinge, Chair
Degree and Major:  Bachelor of Arts with a major in Psychology; and,
Degree and Major:  Bachelor of Arts with a major in Sociology
Academic Advisors for the Psychology and Sociology separate majors and concentrations
Psychology:  Dr. Elias Etinge, Dr. Aishia Williams
Sociology:  Dr. Melvin Mahone, Prof. Odessa Chavous

Contact Information:
Dr. Elias Etinge,, 706.396.7604, Chair
Dr. Aisha Williams,, 706.821.8326 (main office number)

Dr. Melvin Mahone,, 706.821.8326 (main office number)

Prof. Odessa Chavous,, 706.821.8326 (main office number)

Undecided Majors, Freshmen and Sophomores (all majors – undeclared and declared):  Student Support Services (SSS)
Contact Information:
Dr. Philip Cody, Director of Student Support Services,, 706.821.8300 or ext. 8234


Working Adults/CAPS/Evening College

Contact Information:

Dr. M. Middleton, Acting Vice President of Academic Affairs and Director of Distance Education,, 706.396.7596


Revised: July 19, 2022

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