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Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

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Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management


Expected Start Date: As soon as a suitable candidate is found.

Date Posted: 5/27/2022

Application Deadline: Open Until Filled.

Position Title: Vice-President and Dean of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

Reports To: The President

Terms of Employment: Twelve months

Salary Range:

FLSA Classification: Exempt



The Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management (VP/DSAEM) is the chief student affairs and enrollment management officer for the College.  The VP/DSAEM is responsible for fostering a commitment to student success by actively developing, implementing, and maintaining programs and services that enrich student learning, build and maintain a strong sense of community, and support the social and personal development of students at Paine College.  The VP/DSAEM also provides leadership for student retention and enrollment growth.

The Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management provides innovative vision and strategies to support an optimal student experience and has leadership and oversight of the departments and programs of the Student Affairs division (e.g., Student Discipline, Counseling Services, Career Services, Health Services, Student Activities, and Housing and Residence Life) as well as Recruitment, Admissions, and Enrollment.  This position reports directly to the President. 



  1. 1. Works with the President as a member of the senior administration to effectuate the Mission and Vision of Paine College.

  2. 2. Sets priorities for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management that are consistent with the long-term goals of the College.

  3. 3. Plans, organizes, and administers a comprehensive program of student services, activities, development, and enrollment management.

  4. 4. Coordinates enrollment management/Admissions activities, operations, and functions.

  5. 5. Works strategically to increase student enrollment through a well-defined recruitment, admissions, and enrollment campaign.

  6. 6. Oversees activities in the College's Strategic Plan to increase enrollment.

  7. 7. Directs or delegates the activities of the offices of Student Government, Student Activities, Royal Court, Pan-Hellenic Council; and recommends to the President policy formulations in these areas.

  8. 8. Supervises an effective program of Career Services, guidance, and counseling.

  9. 9. Leads in the development of an effective living-learning environment in the College residence halls and supervise the implementation of the program.  Ensures coverage of all residence halls with a Resident Director assigned to each residence hall.

  10. 10. Enforces the Code of Conduct (including the Dress Code) governing the rights, responsibilities, and discipline of students at the institution and presents the same to the Administrative Council for review and approval on an annual basis.

  11. 11. Serves as an advocate for students in the protection of student rights.

  12. 12. Responsible for administering the regulations regarding student conduct adopted by the College; provide regular reports to the faculty concerning student conduct; and develop and implement more effective ways to achieve high standards of student conduct.

  13. 13. Revises annually and makes available to each student through the College's website a Student Handbook, containing the rules and regulations concerning student life on the campus that have been adopted by the faculty and approved by the President and Board of Trustees.

  14. 14. Prepares and submits to the President for approval the budgets concerning Student Affairs, Recruitment, Enrollment, and Admissions and supervises the administration of the approved budgets.

  15. 15. Recommends to the President the appointment and promotion of the members of the Student Affairs staff.

  16. 16. Submits to the President reports of the activities of the division of Student Affairs.

  17. 17. Assists in the development of grant proposals to provide unique funding to assigned programs from outside governmental and private agencies.

  18. 18. Develops goals and strategies for accomplishing assigned responsibilities; actively participates in the College's strategic planning processes.

  19. 19. Provides leadership, direction, and management to the Student Affairs and Enrollment Management organizational structure of the College and oversees the roles and responsibilities of the major leaders within that structure along with evaluation and assessment.

  20. 20. Conducts reviews of all student services programs on a scheduled basis.

  21. 21. Participates in the retention efforts of the College.

  22. 22. Serves as a member of the Administrative Council and a member of the Committee on Strategic Planning and Evaluation. 

  23. 23. Serves as the administrative liaison to the Student Life and Welfare Committee of the Board of Trustees.

  24. 24. Other duties as assigned by the President. 



  1. 1. An earned doctorate from an accredited university recognized by the U.S. Department of Education with appropriate administrative experience.  A minimum of 3 – 5 years of experience in a similar position including admissions, recruitment, and enrollment is preferred.

  2. 2. Strong leadership, interpersonal, and human relation skills with the ability to work well with individuals at all levels in the college.

  3. 3. The ability to communicate effectively (orally and in writing) with all constituents of the College community.

  4. 4. Strong planning and organizational skills.

  5. 5. Budgeting and financial management experience at the college or university level.

  6. 6. Successful experience with the supervision of staff and the management of a multi-faceted program, including the documented ability to lead an effective student affairs and enrollment management team.

  7. 7. The ability to manage or adapt to change, make difficult decisions, implement conflict resolution strategies, and ensure employee and department accountability.

  8. 8. Demonstrated cultural competency, including successful experience working with a diverse group of students.


EVALUATION: Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with the Professional Development Plan (PDP) and the College's evaluation instrument for faculty/staff.



Salary is competitive and commensurate with professional experience.



As soon as a suitable candidate is found.  Review of applications will begin immediately.


To Apply

Complete an application for employment online.

Submit the following materials to apply for the position:

Letter of interest that details the applicant's expertise and outlines the applicant's qualifications for the position; vita; three letters of recommendation; and all unofficial academic transcripts from institutions of higher education attended by the applicant.  If hired, an original transcript must be submitted within one (1) month of hire.  The candidate must also submit an acceptable criminal background check.


For specific questions regarding this posting contact:

Mrs. Troyline Griffin, Human Resources

Email: tgriffin@paine.edu


Note: If hired, the successful candidate will be asked to sign a Certification Statement indicating that they have read, understand, and will respect the Faith Statement and the Christian Philosophy of Education Statement of Paine College.  These statements may be found at https://paine.edu/web/about/about/foundational-statements


To Apply

Complete an Application for Employment online. Faculty positions may still require applicants to mail transcripts and other documents. See application for details.


For questions regarding this posting contact:
Paine College
Office of Human Resources

Paine College is an Affirmative Action, Equal Educational Opportunity Institution.


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