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Director of Student Support Services

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Director of Student Support Services


Expected Start Date: As soon as a suitable candidate is found.

Date Posted: 2/27/2023

Application Deadline: Open Until Filled.

Position Title: Director, Student Support Services

Reports To: Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs

The TRIO Student Support Services Director is responsible for the administration of the Program in accordance with the federal guidelines and regulations determined by the U. S. Department of Education.  The Director will provide primary direction to increase the success rates of students, and foster an institutional climate supportive of success for low income and first generation college students.  The Director is also responsible for governing programming and funding compliance, preparing funding proposals and serving as a liaison to both internal and external stakeholders.  The Director is to be committed to the Projects goals and will have sufficient authority to conduct it effectively.  Primary duties of the Director include the following:

  1. To develop a staffing pattern and select Staff, Program Assistant/Tutors and Mentors/Coaches;


  1. To supervise and coordinate work duties and responsibilities of the Tutorial Coordinator/Academic Advisor, Follow-Up Specialist, and the Administrative Assistant/Budget Assistant;


  1. To implement and maintain a Mentoring/Coaching Program that engages students, supports student personal and academic development, and increase retention;


  1. To conduct professional development activities for direct reports;


  1. To work closely with the faculty of the Institution in designing and developing the overall curriculum;


  1. To be responsible for strategic, budgetary, planning, assessment and evaluation of programs/services within TRIO Student Support Services;


  1. To develop, implement, and monitor the budget in Paine Net;


  1. To ensure grant expenditures are in accordance with federal, state, and institutional guidelines;

    To lead, implement, and interpret all data and project policies and procedures for compliance with federal audits;

    To administer policies governing funding for programs, services and activities for staff and participants;

    To serve on academic and administrative committees of the host institution, as needed;


  1. To coordinate financial records with Controller's Office;


  1. To work closely with the Admissions and Financial Aid Offices of the Institution;


  1. To supervise the planning, scheduling and coordination of Project activities:


(a) identification of participants, (b) cultural, educational and recreational activities and field trips, (c) academic advisement, (d) student orientation programs, (e) individual and group counseling activities, (f) financial aid assistance, (g) meetings with participants,        (h) workshops for counseling and assisting participants and faculty; (i) financial literacy and career activities, and (j) evaluation of participant performance.


  1. To assure that facilities of the host institution are available for Project use at all times;


  1. To provide information on the Project to faculty and staff of the host institution and to the local community, as needed;


  1. To identify institutional and community resources that will provide health, legal and other services to the Project participants;


  1. To make available to participants, resource, vocational and career materials;


  1. To work closely with the instructors of Student Support Services students in determining students' progress and obtaining teacher referrals for tutoring, counseling and other services;


  1. To evaluate pre- and post-academic tests results for Student Support Services students;


  1. To supervise follow-up services;


  1. To develop and design a system for documenting students' files;


  1. To keep available accurate and accessible records of all Project activities;


  1. To prepare all periodic progress reports required on the Project by other Institutional offices;


  1. To maintain excellent interpersonal and communication skills, both verbal and written;


  1. To keep abreast of current and best practices in higher education and student development;


  1. To have strong computer skills in Microsoft Office, Internet, e-mail, Paine Net, and the Jenzabar System:


  1. To submit the Annual Performance Report and other required information on the Project to the U.S. Department of Education, host institution personnel, local community, participants and any other interested parties; 


  1. To teach one class in college orientation at the Institution; and


  1. To work cooperatively with Institution's Academic Center for Excellence and Success and the TRIO Upward Bound Project in their efforts to carry out their goals and objectives.




Master's Degree, administrative skills, leadership qualities, commitment to Project goals.



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