Paine College Chapel


Ethical and Spiritual Values


Paine College's administrators, faculty, and staff are committed to instruction and research that ensures the transfer of knowledge that develops critical thinking skills in the individual learner. The college also sets high standards and expectations in all other aspects of its functioning – programs, personnel, and infrastructure.

Appreciation of Heritage

The College community embraces, celebrates, and promotes the unique qualities and characteristics that make us what we are as individuals and as an institution.


Relationships and practices are based on ethical behavior and social justice.

Fiscal Responsibility

Financial prudence must be practiced by all employees and students of the college. Our fundraising and spending must be motivated by an awareness of where we are fiscally and supported with well-documented objectives.


All persons are treated in a courteous manner that is honest, responsive, and efficient. Developing altruism empowers the collegiate community to act in a way that benefits society.

Staging Enabled