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Yomi Balogun, LMS Administrator
Information Technology Systems Department
3rd floor Haygood-Holsey Hall

For technical assistance, please call:
Office: (706) 396-7570
(888) 926-3402 from any locations 

Blackboard Learn 9.1 Compatibility OS and browser Requirements

Certified - fully tested and supported
Compatible - key application areas tested
Provisional - future technologies considered supported by Blackboard Support
Not tested - specified browser is not supported for the operating system
NA - Not applicable

Microsoft Windows Appe McIntosh
XP Vista
Windows 7 (32 bit) Windows 7 (64 bit) 10.5 10.6
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 Compatible Compatible Compatible Not tested Not tested NA NA
8 Compatible Certified Compatible Certified Compatible NA NA
Mozilla Firefox 3.5 Compatible Compatible Compatible Compatible Compatible Compatible Compatible
3.6 Compatible Certified Compatible Certified Compatible Compatible Certified
2 Compatible Compatible Compatible Compatible Compatible Compatible Compatible
Google Chrome 2 Compatible Compatible Compatible Compatible Compatible Compatible Compatible
Safari 4 Not tested Not tested Not tested Not tested Not tested Compatible Compatible
5 Not tested Not tested Not tested Not tested Not tested Compatible Certified

Frequently Asked Questions - Students

What are the required web browsers for Blackboard?

Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 3.6 are the compatible browsers with Blackboard learn 9.1; these browser versions prevent users from sudden lock-out while they are taking tests.

Where do I find the course syllabus?

The syllabi are located in the “Content” or “Information” tabs when not clearly identified as Syllabus.

What does “hot” text mean?

Hot text means an item has a link associated with it. An instructor may place work within a folder. The user should click on the item and view the content.

Can I copy and paste in Blackboard Discussion Boards?

Yes, you can. However, you have to copy your text into Notepad first before proceeding to pass it into blackboard. This prevents the discussion board from overlapping the threads.

How do I download an item in blackboard?

Left click on the file to open a file. In order to download, right click the item. Select Save As from the sub menu.

How do I add a comment to the discussion board?

To add your comments to the discussion board, click on the forum (question) and click on “Create Thread”.

How do I respond to a classmate posting in a discussion?

Click on the discussion question. Click on the name of your peer to access their post. Click the reply button, and post your response. Instructors page

Frequently Asked Questions - Instructors

1. How do I create an assignment?

(audience instructors) Select a content area. Click the “Create Assessment” Tab. Choose from the drop down menu, “Assignment”. Enter assignment information. Enter the possible points for grading. Determine the availability and number of attempts. Choose a due date and time. Click the submit button.

2. How do I create a test?

(audience instructors) Go to the Control Panel of your course. Select Course Tools. Choose from the drop down menu, “Tests, Surveys, and Pools”. Select “Tests”. Click the “Build Test” button. Enter assignment information. Enter test information: name, description, and instructions. Under the Test Canvas, select the “Create Question” button. Choose the appropriate question type. Enter information in supporting fields. Click the “Submit” button. You may add new test questions by clicking the “create question” button.

3. How do deploy a test to students?

(audience instructors) Select a content area. Click the “Create Assessment” Tab. Choose from the drop down menu, “Test”. Go to the Add Test section. Select Test. Click the “Submit” Button. Determine Test Availability options. Select Force completion and Timer. Create a time limit. Select the Auto-Submit “ON” radio-button. Under the test feedback section, check all that apply. Determine Test Presentation. Click the submit button.

4. How to do I view the Roster? (audience instructors)

If you use the roster tool, you need to specify search criteria. If you want to see everyone’s name, change the criterion to “Not Blank” and click GO. Any user name that is not blank will appear.

5. How to do I post a syllabus? (audience instructors)

Select a content area. Click the “Build Content” Tab. Choose from the drop down menu, “Syllabus”. Enter the syllabus name. Choose Existing File. Browse for the file. Click the “Submit “Button. Enter a description. Click the “Submit” button.

6. How does my course appear from a student perspective?

The student’s view of the course is essentially the same as your when the Edit Mode is OFF. The exception is that you have access to the control panel on the bottom left (below the course menu).

Blackboard Updates

Blackboard assess is dependent upon a clearance from both the Registrar and Business offices. A valid Paine Email address is also necessary.

Check the following tips during the Registration process to avoid any delay in accessing Blackboard:

  1. Register for Courses in Paine Net
  2. Review Paine Net for a “current” registration status
  3. If verified with a “current” status, proceed and go to the blackboard website.
  4. Enter your username and password
  5. If steps 1-4 are complete and one receives an error message, reset your password.

***Note: Blackboard updates daily at the following times: 10am, 12 noon, 4pm, 8pm, or 12am
**Note: Username and passwords of returning students with a pre-registered status will not have access to blackboard until cleared by the Business Office.

Tips on Blackboard Navigation

Remember these simple ideas:

Tools will give you access to a dozen or so useful tools, among them View Grades, Send Email, see who's in the class (Roster), Send message, Collaboration (chat). But some of these may be empty and whether they will be used in the course depends on the professor.
  • If your menu suddenly "hides" itself, click on the little arrow on the left.
  • In this version, there is no digital drop box. Instead you can send material via "Assignments" if the instructor has set it up for you.
  • Generally, a lot of the functions and options appear as a link or a line. Its content is hidden. When you click on the arrow, you can then see the drop down menu.