Greetings My Fellow Painenites,

It is an honor to greet you as your 2013-2014 Student Government Association President and on behalf of the dedicated members of SGA. I have learned that “a project that endures challenge is one that will always be remembered.”

My platform is entitled The C.H.A.L.L.E.N.G.E. Project. I am CHALLENGING you all to:
to lead in changing times.
to be aware, to be experienced, and to be visionaries.
to eliminate cant from our vocabulary.
to help anyone who is struggling is something you excel in.
to accomplish every goal we set for ourselves and this community.
to lead by example.
to remember that laziness does not get work done.
to encourage people and ourselves to get involved.
to NEVER give up.
to give back. And above all,to embrace the change that is about to take place.

The first component focuses on Chapel. Assembly is rich part of our School’s history. I want to encourage students to attend weekly assembly and to begin too embrace our history of the institution. The second component focuses on Student Pride. We must love our institution the same way that we love our homes. If we do not take pride in our institution, how will others?.

The third component focuses on Student Engagement.I encourage each of you to join a committee, give your input, and be a part of the change that will take place. The final component focuses on the Student Center. This is a building that is completely for our benefit, I challenge each of you to utilize ALL of its resources. My four point plan is designed to re-engage the student body and challenge them as well as faculty, staff, and administration to create a better institution. This year SGA will focus on and implement The Triple E strategy: Educate, Empower, and Encourage. We will effectively make sure we are educating ALL students about resources and helpful tips to assist them academically. We will be empowering ALL to be their best. We will encourage ALL students to have PC Pride,get involved, and uphold the mission and vision of our illustrious institution.

Stay connected to your SGA through twitter by following us @PaineCollegeSGA, by e-mail at, or by phone at 706-821-8213. Our office is always open to you all and when you need us we will be there. I am going to conclude with quote from Taraji P.Henson “I'm always confident when I sign up for a project that it's going to be good. That's why I sign up for it“.

Respectfully Yours,

Jill A. Ballesteros SGA President, 2013-2014