SGA is a governing body that is the liaison between administration and students that provides rules and regulations for the college. The Student Government Association will uphold the standards and missions of this institution, a church-related private institution, that is dedicated to providing a liberal arts education of the highest quality that emphasizes academic excellence, ethical and spiritual values, social responsibility, and personal development to prepare men and women for positions of leadership and service in the African American community, the nation, and the world.


The Student Government Association will grow with Paine College while providing quality leadership that emphasizes the issues of our peers, upholding the core values of the institution and committing ourselves to a term of service that is shown through our daily routines.

Where is it located?

The Student Government Association Office is located in the Peters Campus Center, Room 220

Office Hours

Names Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Jill Ballesteros 3p-5p 10a-12p 10a-11a and 4p-5p 10a-12p 3p-5p
Fantasia Harvey 9a-10a & 6p-7p 1p-2:30p 12p-12:50p & 6p-7p 9a-10:40a 10a-11a
Micheal Johnson 9p-10p 5:30p-7:30p 1:00p-2p 5:30p-6:30p 11a-12p
Bria Shipman Riley 2p-3p 8a-9a 2p-3p 8a.m-9a 2p-3p.m
Nicholas Ilugbo 9a-10a 10a-11a 9a-10a 10a-11a 9a-10a
Tekeya Peterson 3:30p-4:30p 3p-4p 3:30p-4:30p 3p-4p 3:30p-4:30p