It was Paine College where we learned so much of what would propel us toward our future careers and accomplishments. This liberal arts institution offered then, and still offers today, opportunities for growth and development that equip one to make significant contributions not only to the community in which he or she lives, but to the world.

As graduates of Paine College, we feel it is incumbent upon us, and all alumni to do all we can to ensure that this institution remains a vibrant beacon for future generations. We must give liberally of our resources and urge others to do similarly. Paine is embarking upon lofty initiatives that will allow it to remain competitive with other colleges both regionally and nationally. The Campaign for Paine College to build the HEAL Complex and increase the College’s endowment will transform Paine into a campus that will not only be aesthetically appealing, but once that will enhance the physical health and education programs the College offers. If ever there was a time that the College needs your support, it is now.

We believe in Paine College and feel that Paine is truly a “gateway to the world’.

-Ann and Ellis Johnson, ’71 and ‘61