Baiesha Johnson, Tri-Athlete, ‘14

I like to train hard to see what my body is capable of doing. When my teammates and I come off the court, we need a place where we can access the resources to help us review plays and strategies.

All athletes, regards of the sport he or she plays, need access to a training and weight room where we can train bodies to perform optimally. Having access to state-of-the-art resources in the new HEAL Complex will encourage us to push harder -- on and off the court.

Hometown: Brunswick, Georgia
2011 NCAA Division ll Women’s Outdoor Track and Field Medalist (Long Jump Competition)
2011 SIAC Women’s Long Jump Champion
Member, Paine College Lady Lions Basketball Team, Lady Lions Track and Field, and Cross Country Teams

Jared Moore, ’13

We are really excited about the coming of the HEAL Complex. Our teams will have a modern arena in which to play ball. My classmates will be in the stands cheering the Lions as we compete in intercollegiate sports.

The Heal Complex marks the beginning of a new era in Paine’s history and definitely a new era in campus life. The HEAL will become a point of pride for the campus community. We know for sure that the new HEAL will attract more students, especially new recruit athletes who will look to the HEAL as their home away from home.

I can hardly wait for the first intercollegiate competition or the first Homecoming Basketball games taking place in the new HEAL arena. Awesome!

Hometown: Jessup, Georgia
Major: History Secondary Education
Member, Paine College Men’s Basketball Team

Marcus McDaniel, ‘10

During my years at Paine College, I spend most of my time in the Randall Carter Gymnasium. The gym was my home away from home. I am excited about the coming of the HEAL Complex. I know that the HEAL will enhance the Paine College Experience for generations of students in the coming years, and I’m looking forward to attending a homecoming basketball game in the new arena.

Hometown: Augusta, Georgia
Degree: Bachelor of Arts Mass Communications
Former Member, Paine College Men’s Basketball Team
Professional Basketball Player, Atlanta Experience Team of the American Basketball Association