The increased endowment for Paine College will ensure the future of the institution, sustain academic and athletic programs that operate under the auspices of the HEAL Complex, and open a perpetual door to deserving students to obtain equal access to a quality education. Strengthening the endowment is a priority of the Campaign for Paine College.

A strong endowment ensures the stability of the College and will uphold the institution even during economic downturns. In other words, a healthy endowment sustains an already firm foundation that is essential to supporting the needs of the College.

Endowed funds allow the College to offer tuition assistance and scholarships based on merit and financial need. To date, Paine College provides essential scholarship support and tuition assistance to over 95% of the student population. Although the economy is on a steady climb, many deserving students are faced with financial obstacles.

It is the goal of the Campaign to position the College to offer HEAL Scholarships to current and future students, and to scholars who are yet to be born. A hearty endowment will offer support to academic and athletic programs. Imagine, a vigorous endowment that builds academic programs to prepare students for careers and jobs yet to be created. A strong endowment will provide a steam of revenues that will benefit scholarships, academic and athletic programs, maintain the facility, and help to recruit a world-class cadre of faculty and students.

How does the endowment work?

Funds donated will be treated as principal and will be permanently invested, creating a stable financial environment for the College. Once the investment reaches $15,000, the College will allow the fund to accrue interest for one year before distributing any earnings. The investments will be managed professionally in a diversified portfolio. Additional contributions may be made to an endowed scholarship at any time.

Benefits of Becoming and Endowment Donor

The donor may designate the endowment name and its purpose (Scholarship, Academic Program, Athletic Programs, and Facility Maintenance). The donor will receive prominent recognition by the College and will be honored in the College’s Giving Clubs and Societies. The donor will receive recognition on the Donors Wall and earn a tax deduction.

In summary, the income form the endowment will benefit the College in several ways:
  • Ensure the maintenance of the facility
  • Provide scholarship funds for deserving students
  • Provide continuing funding to upgrade needed academic equipment