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Valeria Day
Administrative Assistant
Residence Life / Student Affairs
Peters Campus Center, Room 215
Office: (706) 821-8634
Edwin Bailey
Residence Hall Director, Gray Hall
Residence Life 
Peters Campus Center, Room 219
Office: (706) 821-8200
Lorna Cherry
Residence Hall Director (Epworth Hall)
Residence Life 
Epworth Hall
Office: (706) 821-8276
Bobbie Heath
Resident Director (Paine Villas)
Residence Life 
Paine Villas (1609C Parnell Street)
Office: (706) 821-8302
Fax: (706) 396-7609
Michael Igbonagwam
Resident Director for Ervin Hall
Residence Life 
Gray Hall

Marcus Jamison
Residence Director, Hollis Hall
Residence Life 
Hollis Hall
Office: (706) 821-8200
Joseph Jessie III
Residence Hall Director (Belle-Bennett Hall)
Residence Life 
Belle-Bennett Hall
Office: (706) 821-8664
Dannielle Williams
Resident Director
Residence Life 
Berry-Gomillion Hall
Office: (706) 821-8200
Kelwin Williams
Director of Residence Life
Residence Life 
Peters Campus Center, Room 215
Office: (706) 821-8634
Fax: (706) 396-7609

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