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Judy Carter | (706) 432-0725 | Warren A. Candler Memorial Library

Chair, Full Professor, Department of Education  |  Department of Education

Dr. Judy L. Carter, Chairperson of the Department of Education, is an alumna of Paine College. She graduated with a B.S. degree in Elementary Education. She then went on to earn the M.Ed from Augusta College (now known as Georgia Regents University). She earned the Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of South Carolina. Dr. Carter did further study at Bryn Mawr College and Harvard University’s School of Education. She received grants to study at both institutions. Her career began in the public schools of Richmond County as an enthusiastic teacher. After nine years of successful teaching, she was recruited to Paine College to help prepare future teachers. She helped build a model teacher preparation program at Paine then went on to do similar work at USC-Aiken, Dillard University in New Orleans, LA, Benedict College, Columbia, SC, and Fort Valley State University, Fort Valley, GA. Dr. Carter has taught undergraduate and graduate courses and held positions from instructor to tenured professor as well as department chairperson, associate vice president and vice president for academic affairs. She has received many honors and awards for her professional and civic work. She was named “Evelyn Berry Teacher of the Year” and “Distinguished Teacher of the Year” at Paine College. Her research interests include building and maintaining effective teacher preparation programs and using culturally relevant pedagogy for student achievement.

LaShawnda Lindsay-Dennis | (706) 432-0726 | Warren A. Candler Memorial Library, Room Suite 101F

Associate Professor of Education  |  Department of Education

Dr. LaShawnda Lindsay-Dennis received her doctorate in Educational Psychology from Georgia State University. She has also earned a graduate certificate in Women’s Studies from Georgia State University. Dr. Lindsay-Dennis earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Morris Brown College in 2001 and a master’s degree in Educational Psychology from Howard University in 2003. Dr. Lindsay-Dennis’s general research agenda focuses on examining the myriad of factors that influence the psychosocial development and academic outcomes of African American female adolescents. In addition, she is interested in developing culturally responsive educational initiatives for African American youth. Her primary objective is to establish partnerships between local schools and Paine College in efforts to implement these initiatives.

Okoroafor Nzeh | (706) 821-8331 | Department of Business Building

Chair, Department of Business  |  Department of Business

Dr. Okoroafor Nzeh received his university education from Alabama A&M and Clark Atlanta Universities. He is a tenured faculty and Chair of the Division of Business Administration. Dr. Nzeh directed the Self-Study leading to the accreditation of the Business Program by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). Dr. Nzeh has taught at Alabama A&M and Clark Universities respectively prior to joining the Paine College faculty and administration. Dr. Nzeh is also a member of Sam Walton Free Enterprise Fellowship and The Governor’s Teaching Fellows of Georgia.

Yao Amewokunu | (706) 821-8254 | Department of Business Building, Room 4

Assistant Professor  |  Department of Business

Dr. Yao Amewokunu is an Assistant Professor of Management in the Department of Business. He earned his Ph.D. in Business Administration and his MBA in International Management, both at Laval University in Quebec, Canada. Dr. Amewokunu’s teaching interests include: Organizational Behavior & Leadership, Operation Management, Organizational Policy & Strategy, and International Business/Intercultural Management. Some of his research interests include: Country Risk Assessment, Foreign Subsidiaries Management, Entrepreneurship and SME’s, and Intercultural Management. He has a number of published, submitted, and in progress articles. He has also made several presentations at national and international conferences.

Teri Burnette | (706) 396-8132 | Warren A. Candler Memorial Library, Room 207

Assistant Professor/Interim Chair  |  Department of Media Studies

Profile Unavailable.

Jacqueline Fason | (706) 821-8306 | Warren A. Candler Memorial Library, Room Room 101 G

Coordinator of Field and Clinical Experiences   |  Department of Education

Dr. Fason is a native of Augusta, Georgia and a product of the Richmond County Public Schools. I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Physical Education from Fort Valley State University, Master of Science degree in Individual and Family Developmental Studies and Rehabilitative Counseling from South Carolina State University, Specialist in Early Childhood Education and a Doctorate in Instructional Leadership from The University of Sarasota in Sarasota, Florida.I retired from the Richmond County Public School System after 33.5 years of service. During my tenure, I rose through the ranks. My first position was Teacher Assistant, 32 years later; I retired as an Elementary School Principal.

Dongwook Han | (706) 821-8325 | Department of Business Building, Room 3

Assistant Professor  |  Department of Business

Dr. Dongwook Han received his PhD in Economics from Michigan State University, majoring International Economics. His papers at Michigan State are “NAFTA: What is the next step?” and “Gravity Model and Economic Integration”. Dr. Han has done research on international trade at Central Michigan University as an assistant professor for 7 years. Dr. Han’s papers are “Does Trade Cause Growth? How About Trade Bloc?” and “Trade Creation and Trade Diversion of ASEAN, ANDEAN, EC and MERCOSUR: By Gravity Model”, Presented at Midwest Economic Association Conference at Chicago. He is now focusing on “Dynamic Economies of East Asia”, a book on Pacific Rim Economies. As an assistant professor at Central Michigan University in Michigan and Wayne State College in Nebraska, Dr. Han has taught variety of economics classes from Micro and Macroeconomics to Economic Development of the Pacific Rim, Comparative Economic System, Managerial Economics, Money and Banking, Environmental Economics and Graduate Seminar in International Economics. Dr. Han also had an INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: Business Model Patent, METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR TRADING A GLOBAL ONLINE EDCATION. Recently he has also developed APPS for APPLE iPhone, AP Economics Up & Down.

Larry Mack | (706) 821-8285 | Department of Business Building, Room Room 2

Assistant Professor Marketing  |  Department of Business

Interest: Service Strategy, Social Media models, Virtual Teams
Education: Doctor of Business Administration, Nova Southeastern University, 2000; Masters of Business Administration (Management), Barry University, 1983; of Science (Civil Engineering), Florida A & M University, 1979.

Professor Mack has teaching interest in Consumer Behavior, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Management, Marketing Policies and Strategies, Advertising, Sales Management, Service Strategy, and Analysis of strategic models and culture.

• “Segmenting the Black Market: Segment Based on Cultural Context” in the Multicultural Marketing Conference Proceedings, October 1996, Norfolk, Virginia.

• “A Value-Expressive Model of Country-of-Origin, the Influence of Individual Respondent Characteristics, and Consumer Attitude on Preference of Origin-Based Brands,” Dissertation , August 2000.

• “A Value-Expressive Model of Country-of-Origin” in the Proceedings of the American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences, February 2001, Las Vegas, Nevada.

• “A Conceptualization of Brand Origin” in the Proceedings of Atlantic Marketing Association Conference, September 2001, Portland, Maine.

• “Preference for a Brand based upon Its Perceived Origination” in the Proceedings of the Association of Marketing Theory and Practice, March 2002, Savannah, Georgia.

Maurice McBride-Owens | (706) 821-8337 | Department of Business Building, Room 2

Assistant Professor of Management   |  Department of Business

Profile Unavailable.

Pamela McLean | (706) 432-0727 | Warren A. Candler Memorial Library, Room 101B

Administrative Assistant  |  School of Professional Studies

Profile Unavailable.

Vincent Onyebuchi | (706) 821-8358 | Department of Business Building

Assistant Professor of Business  |  Department of Business

Dr. Vincent Onyebuchi received his university education from University of Arkansas at Paine Bluff, Texas A&M, and University of Sarasota (Argosy). He is an Assistant Professor of Business Administration/Accounting at Paine College and has been a member of the faculty for over 10 years. Before coming to Paine College, Dr. Onyebuchi taught at Wiley College, Morris Brown College, Texas College, and University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff.

Tatiana Rivadeneyra | (706) 821-8304 | Warren A. Candler Memorial Library, Room 101H

Assistant Professor  |  Department of Education

Dr. Tatiana Rivadeneyra is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Education. An educator for 13 years in the area of mathematics, specializing in curriculum and instruction development for K-12, Dr. Rivadeneyra completed her dissertation, from Argosy University, on the topic of numerical approach. She also completed her Bachelors of Science in Education, as well as a Masters in Educational Technology from Northern Arizona University. Dr. Rivadeneyra’s research interests include quantitative and qualitative research describing how the quantitative competence of math curriculum connects and supports students' application toward academic achievement. Her research also utilizes current developmental learning theory to understand students’ academic self-efficacy. Based on this important research, she provides recommendations to mathematical pedagogy as to methods of introducing math, guiding the learning process, and reviewing mathematical concepts for students.

Electronic Initial: TR

Nicole Watson | (706) 821-8430 | Warren A. Candler Memorial Library, Room Rm 202A

Assistant Professor  |  Department of Media Studies

An award-winning media specialist, Nicole Watson has collected many honors for her work. The Emmy award-winning producer and reporter have worked for most of the top names in the broadcast industry including, Turner Broadcasting (TNT & TBS), BET, HBO, CBS and ESPN. Nicole is also a sought-after speaker and passionate educator, concerned about delivering positive messages. She is well versed in many areas such as news/public affairs, sports, business and entertainment. She co-created and produced a ground breaking sports talk show called “The Sports Report” on BET and was the producer responsible for introducing Michael Wilbon (P.T.I./ ESPN), David Aldridge(NBA Analyst), and Bill Rhoden(The Sports Reporters, NY Times columnist) to national television viewers. She was also a feature reporter/producer for the NFL’s longest running program, “Inside the NFL.” Watson has also reported on the NBA, NFL, and NHL, HBCU sports, the WNBA, NASCAR, Olympic sports and even ballroom dancing.

Well-traveled, Watson‘s career has taken her to several locations around the world including Russia, Spain, Cuba, Costa Rica, Tanzania, Italy and South Africa. She has also worked with several organizations including Microsoft, the Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Hawks and the National Black Arts Festival.

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