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C. P. Abubucker | (706) 821-8245 | Mary Helm Building, Room 304

Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science  |  Department of Mathematics, Sciences and Technology

C. P. Abubucker is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Paine College. He started his careers as a Lecturer in Mathematics at Farook College (India) in 1971. He later joined the University of Calicut as a Lecturer in Mathematics in 1977. He has taught several Mathematics courses ranging from College Algebra to Topology. He joined Paine College in 1984 after receiving a Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Georgia. He has served as a major field advisor to several mathematics majors at Paine College and guided students in writing research papers in mathematics. He is currently a mentor to two UNCF/Mellon undergraduate fellows. Apart from his research work in the area of mathematical models of organizations, Dr. Abubucker is the co-author of a chapter on, “Conflict as a Heuristic in the Development of an Interaction Mechanism” in the book entitled, Conflict Agents. He is also a co-author of a chapter, “Galois Lattices Quantum Model for NVOs” in the Encyclopedia of Networked and Virtual Organizations.

Catherine Adams | (706) 396-8105 | Haygood-Holsey Hall, Room 313-F

Assistant Professor of English, Chair of Humanities  |  Department of Humanities

Dr. Catherine L. Adams is an Assistant Professor of English and the former chair of the Humanities Department at Paine College. She earned her B.A. in English from Johnson C. Smith University, her M.A. in African American Studies from Temple University, and her Ph.D. from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. At UMA, she researched the history, memory, and contemporary imagination of Black frontier settlements in the Oklahoma Territory. Her areas of scholarly interest include nineteenth- and twentieth-century Africana literature, especially migration, nationalism, and transnationalism narratives. She is currently directing her third cohort of Yerby Scholars—students at Paine who are engaged in primary and secondary research regarding the life and literary contributions of the prolific Frank G. Yerby (Paine College, Class of 1937). In 2013, she was awarded the Vulcan Materials Teaching Excellence Award.

Komala Balakrishnan | (706) 821-8214 | Mary Helm Building, Room 315

Assistant Professor of Mathematics & Computer Science   |  Department of Mathematics, Sciences and Technology

Mrs. Komala Balakrishnan is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Paine College, Augusta, Georgia. She received a Masters Degree in Mathematics from the University of Madras, India in 1973. She has taken some education courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels from Augusta State University, Augusta Georgia, leading towards a Georgia Educator Certification. In addition she has taken several computer science courses at the undergraduate level: Intro to Computing, Intro to Oracle Databases, Oracle Database Administration, Visual Basic.Net, Advanced Visual Basic.Net, Fortran Programming, C-Programming and Pascal Programming. Mrs. Balakrishnan has been a full time faculty member at Paine College since 1989 and was the Coordinator of Mathematics and Computer Science during the years 2001 - 2011. During the past twenty five years she taught both lower and upper level courses in Mathematics. She participated in the HBCU Refocusing College Algebra Project sponsored by U.S. Military Academy, West Point, New York, 2007-2010. She served as the PI for a National Science Foundation Mini Grant “Refocusing College Algebra Project” in the years 2008-2010 and as one of the Co-PIs of the Minority Science and Engineering Program (MSEIP) grant (2011-2014). In addition she received the Evelyn T Berry Teacher of the Year Award in May 2010. Her research interest is Mathematics Education - Teaching Pedagogy and how students process information.

Nancy Bookhart | (706) 821-8204 | Mary Helm Building

Assistant Professor of Art  |  Department of Humanities

Nancy Wellington Bookhart received her BFA from Augusta State University in Augusta, Georgia in 2000. She went on to receive her MFA from the University of Georgia in 2005. She joined the faculty at Paine College, in Augusta, Georgia in 2007, as Assistant Professor of Art. After arriving at Paine Ms. Bookhart started The Museum Initiative, which involves establishing a nationally recognized museum of art at Paine College. Ms. Bookhart is an exhibiting artist, whose passion is recording the experiences of the poor, in her body of works with the pen name of “The Lost Scrolls of Poverty.” She has exhibited in various venues in the region, and nationally, such as Lucy Laney Museum of Black History in Augusta, Georgia, and Christian University in Memphis, Tennessee. Ms. Bookhart is currently involved in The Nina Simone Project as one of the artists among many regional and national artists who will be included in a touring exhibition. Her research interest includes the common denominator between image and identity, and examining how image identifies a cultural, constitutes a philosophy, and creates a continuum for generations to come.

TiffanyC Boykin | (706) 396-8106 | Haygood-Holsey Hall

Interim Full-Time Instructor of Sociology   |  Department of Social Sciences

Profile Unavailable.

Daniel Bronstein | McGinnis Building, Room 9

Interim Assistant Professor of History  |  Department of Humanities

Dr. Bronstein received his master’s and doctorate degrees in modern American history from Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA. He also has training in modern East Asian history and completed a certificate in Heritage Preservation. Dr. Bronstein wrote his dissertation The Formation and Development of Chinese Communities in Atlanta, Augusta, and Savannah, a comparative study of pre-1965 Chinese immigrants and their descendants in three of Georgia’s major urban areas. His research interests include studying the process of chain migration, community formation, and the growing multi-racial identity of Chinese Americans from the American South.

Oscar Brown | (706) 733-8136 | McGinnis Building, Room 214

Assistant Professor of English  |  Department of Humanities

The Reverend Oscar Olin Brown, Jr. was born in Harlem in New York City. Raised in that cultural and intellectual melting pot, he was greatly influenced by the cosmopolitan energy of the “Big Apple” – the libraries, the museums, the multiple musical forums and the host of other social and scholarly enticements of this crossroads city. Rev. Brown attended Riverdale, New York’s prestigious Horace Mann Preparatory School. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from The City College of New York and a M.S.Ed. from the same institution. Rev. Brown has also served in the New York City public school system as an elementary teacher. He currently serves as Assistant Professor of Reading at Paine College in the English and Foreign Languages Department of the Division of the Humanities. Rev. Brown has served as a pastor, he has been a disc jockey, he is an accomplished portrait artist, and he is also a singer, composer and producer of religious music as well as being the author of several religious books.

Tantiana Burns | (706) 396-7603 | Mary Helm Building, Room 319

Assistant Professor of Biology  |  Department of Mathematics, Sciences and Technology

Dr. Tantiana Burns is an Assistant Professor of Biology at Paine College in the Department of Mathematics, Science and Technology. She holds a Ph.D. in Toxicology (University of Georgia) and a Bachelors of Science in Biology (South Carolina State University). Dr. Burns joined Paine College as the Instrument Operator for the DOE WET-SEEDS program in Fall 2012 and transitioned to teaching in the Fall of 2013. She is currently teaching the Principles of Biology, Principals and Applications of Biological Science and Environmental Monitoring and Instrumentation. Her research interests include the effects of cooking on food microtoxins and the biodegradation of environmental contaminants by algal systems.

Fazhe Chang | (706) 396-8127 | Mary Helm Building, Room 303

Assistant Professor of Mathematics  |  Department of Mathematics, Sciences and Technology

Dr. Fazhe Chang is an assistant professor of Mathematics. He joined Paine College in August, 2014. He teaches college algebra and college geometry. Currently, he is making effort to extend Mathematical program by offering a new course (introduction to Actuarial Science) which will be helpful to student prospects after graduation. His research interest is in three areas: Statistical Modeling, Actuarial Science and teaching innovation. He is interested in exploring an innovative strategy to improve students learning outcomes.

Lawanda Cummings | (706) 396-7597 | Haygood-Holsey Hall, Room 420-A

Chair, Assistant Professor  |  Department of Social Sciences

Dr. Lawanda Cummings received a Ph.D. in Community Psychology from Georgia State University in 2010. She also earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology and master’s degree in Community Psychology at GSU, her beloved alma mater. Her research focuses on youth psychosocial development, education interventions, and STEM field inclusion of African American women. Dr. Cummings is also interested in the role of culture in mentoring initiatives among at-risk adolescents within schools and youth detention facilities. Currently she is an Assistant Professor and the chair of the Social Sciences Department. Working with the Math, Science and Technology (MST) department, Dr. Cummings works as a Co-PI for the DOE WET-SEED Pipeline Program that facilitates a summer middle-school day camp and a residential high-school program focused on Environmental Science. Also, as a part of a multidisciplinary team (Social Sciences and Education), Dr. Cummings was recently awarded a 3-year NSF grant to investigate STEM field inclusion of African American women at Paine College.

Eric Darrington | (70) 396-8108 | Mary Helm Building, Room 301

Assistant Professor of Biology  |  Department of Mathematics, Sciences and Technology

Dr. Darrington earned his B.S. in biology from Tuskegee University and his PhD in molecular biology from Clark Atlanta University where he studied the autocrine mechanisms of prostate cancer progression. He came to Paine College from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where he investigated the efficacy of individualized antibody therapy against specific autoimmune disorders.

Eronini Egbujor | (706) 821-8370 | Music Building, Room 3

Associate Professor of French  |  Department of Humanities

Dr. E. EGBUJOR has Ph. D. (French), from Université de Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada (1988), M. A.: French Studies, Université de Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada (1982); B. A.: French Studies, Université du Bénin, Lomé, Togo (1978) and has completed Post-doctorate studies (on Making audiovisual pedagogical (teaching) documentary; Literary Theory & Orality; under the supervision of Professeur Fernando Lambert), Université Laval, Québec, Canada, (1991). He has also presented papers and chaired roundtables at the following: Conference of African Studies Association (ASA), Canadian Association of African Studies (CAAS), African Literature Association (ALA), Congrès International d’Études Françaises (ICFS), l'Association Canadienne-Française pour l'Avancement des Sciences (Acfas), Foreign Language Alliance for International Rapport (FLAIR) & The Southern Literature Association. He has equally had publications in Journal of Oriental and African Studies (JOAS), The African Book Publishing Record (ABPR), Présence Francophone, Revue Canadienne des Études Africaines & Dictionnaire des œuvres littéraires de langue française, en Afrique au Sud du Sahara and has a keen interest in World Humanities, Literatures of Africa & the Diaspora and other non-western regions of the world.

Nancy English | (706) 821-8287 | Mary Helm Building, Room 319

PPSP/STEM Administrative Assistant  |  Department of Mathematics, Sciences and Technology

Mrs. Nancy J. English is the Administrative Assistant for Paine College’s Workforce Enhancement and Training: Supplying Education and Energy Development (WET SEED) Project funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. This project is housed in the Department of Mathematics, Sciences and Technology at Paine College. Mrs. English holds an Executive Secretary Diploma from Kerr Business School (1987). Previous employment includes serving as an Administrative Secretary for eight years at the Savannah River Site (1987-1995) and as Secretary for the Upward Bound Program at Paine College (1997-2010).

Matthew Hutcherson | (706) 821-8266 | McGinnis Building, Room 313

Assistant Professor of Religion  |  Department of Humanities

Dr. Matthew Hutcherson is Assistant Professor of Philosophy teaching in the Humanities Department of the School of Arts & Sciences. His specialties involve metaphysics, process philosophy, existentialism, and African American philosophy and theology. His current research interests are in the philosophy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the protest philosophies of Black Power as particularly expressed in the music of James Brown and later Hip-Hop artists. He is currently exploring the development of a James Brown Museum at Paine College to preserve his legacy. His recent travels to South Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific have laid the groundwork for continued research in liberation philosophies. He has earned degrees from Atlanta Christian College (A.B.), Georgia State University (M.A.), Emory University (M.T.S.), Drew University (M.Litt.), and The Union Institute & University (Ph.D.).

Robert L. Jones | (706) 821-8131 | Haygood-Holsey Hall, Room 313-E

Assistant Professor of History  |  Department of Humanities

Robert Jones attended Paine College and obtained a B.A. in History in 1963. He continued his education with the aid of a Rockefellar Foundation Fellowship at Haverford College. He was then awarded a doctoral fellowship to attend the University of Michigan and has finished all doctoral work except for his dissertation. He is also the recipient of two Carnegie Foundation Fellowships for summer graduate study at both Harvard and Yale Universities. In addition to his educational pursuits, He has served his country as an infantryman in the United States Army during the Vietnam conflict. After his service, he returned to school obtaining a M.S. degree in European History from Texas A&M University. In addition to his tenure at Paine College, Mr. Jones has taught at Arkansas State University (15 years) in the Department of History.

Martin Kirby | (706) 821-8265 | McGinnis Building

Professor of English  |  Department of Humanities

Dr. Martin Kirby holds a B.A. from Tulane University, M.A. from The Johns Hopkins University, and a Ph.D. from the University of South Carolina. He has published over 65 poems in various renowned literary magazines and served as a reporter for The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Arkansas Democrat. Dr. Kirby’ has won awards in the poetry and non-fiction categories of the Porter Fleming Literary Competition.

William Lawless | (706) 821-8284 | Mary Helm Building, Room 316

Professor of Mathematics, Sciences and Technology / Professor of Social Sciences  |  School of Arts & Sciences

William Lawless is Professor of Mathematics and Psychology. Dr. Lawless has published over fifty book chapters and journal articles. He also is featured in more than 120 peer-reviewed conference publications. Dr. Lawless is a Professional Engineer (Mechanical & Nuclear Waste Management Engineer), senior member IEEE, and member of the European Trustnet Hazardous Decisions (2002-current). His past affiliations include DOE Mixed Wastes Tribal and Stakeholders (1995-6); DOE Nuclear Waste Management Whistleblower, 1983 (Lawless, 1985); Savannah River Site Citizens Advisory Board (1994-2000 and 2003-2007), SAB Co-Technical Lead Consolidated Incinerator Focus Group (2000-03); and SRS CAB Technical Advisory, 2009.

Srinivas l | (706) 821-8313 | Mary Helm Building, Room 314

Assistant Professor of Biology  |  Department of Mathematics, Sciences and Technology

Srinivas Sonne obtained a Master’s Degree and Ph.D. in Zoology with special emphasis on Animal Reproductive Physiology from University of Mysore, Mysore, INDIA. After his doctoral degree, he joined Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, INDIA to work on a research project sponsored by Department of Biotechnology, INDIA. Then Mr. Sonne joined Georgia Regents University, formerly known as Medical College of Georgia, at Augusta, GA for his Post-Doctoral training at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology to work on Amino acid and Vitamin transporters in Human Placenta. During his post doctoral training, he published several research articles and simultaneously trained a few residents and fellows for the basic science research in the laboratory. Then he was appointed as an Assistant Research Scientist in the Department of OB/GYN at Georgia Regents University to continue his research studies and submitted a few Research Grant Proposals to work on the Role of an Amino acid and its deficiency on Preterm Birth in a Mouse Model. Also Mr. Sonne published research articles on the project. Later he joined as an Assistant Professor of Biology at Paine College to teach Biology courses and electives (Invertebrate and Vertebrate Zoology) to teach undergraduate students.

Selected Research Publications :

2013 - Srinivas R Sonne, Varun K Bhalla, Scott A Barman, Richard A White, Shu Zhu, Tondra M Newman, Puttur D Prasad, Sylvia B Smith, Stefan Offermanns, Ganapathy Vadivel Hyperhomocysteinemia induces preterm birth in mice via the Gpr109a/Cox-2/
PGE2 axis. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2013 Aug; 1832(8): 1149-58, Epub 2013.

2012- Srinivas R Sonne, Prem S Shekhawat, Dietrich Matern, Vadivel Ganapathy, Leszek Ignatowicz. Carnitine deficiency in OCTN2-/- newborn mice leads to a severe gut and immune phenotype with widespread atrophy, apoptosis and a pro-inflammatory response. Accepted for publication on 14th September 2012 – PloS One.

2007 - Srinivas SR, Prasad PD, Umapathy NS, Ganapathy V, Shekhawat PS. Transport of butyryl-L-carnitine, a potential prodrug, via the carnitine transporter OCTN2 and the amino acid transporter ATB 0,+. Am J Physiol Gastrointes Liver Physiol, Nov 293(5) :

2007 - Baisden B, Srinivas R Sonne, Joshi RM, Ganapathy V, Shekhawat PS. Antenatal corticosteroids adversely affect placental function: A study of molecular effects of Dexamethasone using micro-array analysis. Placenta , Oct; 28(10): 1082-90.

 2005 - Srinivas SR, Gopal E, Zhuang L, Itagaki S, Martin PM, Fei YJ, Ganapathy V, Prasad PD. Cloning and functional identification of slc5a12 as a sodium-coupled low- affinity transporter for monocarboxylates (smct2). Biochem J, Dec 15 (Pt 3): 655-64.

2002 - Jones CR, Srinivas SR, Devoe LD, Ganapathy V, Prasad PD . Inhibition of System A amino acid transport activity by ethanol in BeWo choriocarcinoma cells.
Am J Obstet Gynecol, Jul; 87(1): 209-16.

1995 - SR Srinivas , T Shivanandappa , HBD Sarkar. Sperm storage in the oviduct of tropical rock lizard, Psammophilus dorsalis . Journal of Morphology. 224: 293-301.

Brittney Middleton | (706) 821-8326 | Haygood-Holsey Hall

Administrative Assistant  |  School of Arts & Sciences

Profile Unavailable.

Bibekanada Mohanty | (706) 396 8124 | Mary Helm Building, Room 314

Associate Professor of Biology  |  Department of Mathematics, Sciences and Technology

Dr. Bibekanada Mohanty is an Associate Professor of Biology at Paine College in the Department of Mathematics, Science and Technology. Dr. Mohanty holds a Ph.D. from University of Oklahoma, M.A. from Oberlin College, Ohio, M.S. and B.S. from Orissa University of Agriculture & Technology, India. He conducted research at Paine College, DOE (WET SEED), NASA/PAIR, Summer Research, Tuskegee University, Florida A & M University, North Carolina State University, Langston University, Oklahoma, and University of Oklahoma. His professional experience includes being an Associate Professor, Paine College; a Research Associate, Florida A & M University; a Research Associate, North Carolina State University; and an Assistant Professor Research, Langston University, Oklahoma. Dr. Mohanty published fourteen papers in refereed journals and twelve abstracts in professional societies annual meetings, He presented papers at the annual meetings of American Society of Plant Physiologists, Phytochemical Society of North America, Research Symposia of 1890 Historically Black Institutions, American peanut research educational society, Oklahoma Academy of Science, Georgia Academy of Science, NASA/PAIR Research Symposium, Washington, DC. Emerging Researchers National (ERN) Conferences, Washington, DC, Research Symposium Claflin University, Orangeburg, SC, and Harriett J. Walton Symposium, Morehouse College, Atlanta. GA.
Research Experience: Nitrogen Assimilating Enzymes, Bioremediation of Chromium and Benzopyrene using bacterial and fungal systems.
Teaching Experience: Taught the following courses at Paine College - Principles and applications in Bio. Sci. Bio.102, Principles of Biology ( Bio.111, Bio.112), Plant Systematics (Bio.310), Plant Physiology(Bio.320), Genetics (Bio.321), Cell Biology (Bio.322) and Ecology (Bio.325 for 3 years).

Fidelia Nzeh | (706) 396-8123 | Mary Helm Building, Room 307

Instructor  |  Department of Mathematics, Sciences and Technology

Fidelia Nzeh is an Instructor of Computer Science. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting (Alabama A&M University, 1982), Masters of Business Administration (Alabama A&M University, 1984), and a Masters of Science in Computer Science (Clark Atlanta University, 1996). In addition to teaching lower and upper level courses in Computer Science, she is also pursing the Ph.D. degree in Information Systems.

Adeleri Onisegun | (706) 821-8281 | Psychology Research Laboratory Building, Room 1

Associate Professor  |  Department of Social Sciences

Dr. Onisegun is a Clinical Psychologist with a long history in mental health beginning with training and experiences as a US Navy Hospital Corps/ Neuropsychiatric Technician. Her clinical experience includes appointments in child /adolescent psychiatry, community psychiatry and as Director/Neuro-Psychologist of the first Alzheimer’s Disease Research clinic focused on the Black community funded by Columbia University at Harlem Hospital in New York. Relocation to the South stimulated interest in mental health disparities, stigma, Black youth suicide, and prevention which later led her to be one of 12 U.S. psychologists selected to travel to The People’s Republic of China as a People to People Ambassador delegate. In 2005 she was awarded a W.K. Kellogg USC Public Health Partnership to Eliminate Health Disparities Research Fellowship for: “Adult Perceptions of Black Youth Psychopathology, Depression and Suicide: Implications for Juvenile Justice and Mental Health.” Dr. Onisegun has also conducted program evaluations, public school faculty trainings, and served as a grant reviewer for agencies including the US Department of Education, Reid House and most recently the UNCF-Special Programs CIPA/ NASA awards. Additionally, Dr. Onisegun holds various grant funded positions funded by organizations such as the Morehouse College HBCU Center for Excellence and the W. K. Kellogg as well as being active in the community and in professional organizations.

Raul Peters | (706) 821-8203 | Mary Helm Building, Room 317

Department Chair , Assistant Professor of Physics  |  Department of Mathematics, Sciences and Technology

Dr. Raul Peters is an Assistant Professor of Physics at Paine College in the Department of Mathematics, Sciences, and Technology. He holds a Ph.D. in Physics (Texas Christian University) and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Physics (Midwestern State University). Dr. Peters joined Paine College as a full-time faculty member in Fall 2010. He has authored and co-authored six scientific journal articles, and presented his research findings at numerous conferences. He is currently teaching College Physics I and II and Physical Science classes. His research interests include the studies of the Surface and Interface States in Nanoscale Electronic Materials, Packing, and Holographic Spectroscopy. He has 11 years of teaching experience working with high school and undergraduate students. He has two years of administrative experience and particular skill in establishing rapport with people from diverse backgrounds. At present, Dr. Peters is the chair of the Department of Mathematics, Sciences and Technology. At Paine College, he served as the director of the Pre-Professional Science program (2012) and the ACES faculty liaison for the Department of Mathematics, Sciences and Technology (2012-2013). He also served as the chair of the Committee on Scholarships, Honors and Awards. He is a member of the Council on Undergraduate Research and is a councilor in the Division of Physics and Astronomy (representative to nominations committee). He participated in a number of leadership training activities such as the Project Kaleidoscope PKAL Leadership Conference held July 23-28, 2013 at the Baca Campus, University of Colorado. Dr. Peters is experienced working with a diverse population of traditional and nontraditional students, both in-person and in an online environment. He is the recipient of two teaching awards: the 2013-2014 Evelyn Berry Teacher of the year award (Paine College) and the 2007-2008 Harrison Moseley Award for outstanding achievement as a teaching assistant (Texas Christian University)

Josue Sanchez | (706) 821-8357 | Music Building

Assistant Professor of Spanish  |  Department of Humanities

Dr. Josué Sánchez holds a B.A. and Certificate in Translation from Brigham Young University, a M.A. from the University of Texas (Austin), and a Ph.D. from the University of Mexico. An Assistant Professor, Sánchez’s primary area of research is the clash of cultures between Indoamericans and Europeans in the invasion of America. His forthcoming publication focuses on this research and will culminate in the book publication, The First Indoamerican Images of the Europeans in the Invasion of America. Dr. Sanchez has presented his research in a number of significant literary congresses and a variety of countries.

Elizabeth Siciliano | (706) 821-8220 | Haygood-Holsey Hall, Room 313-A

Instructor of English  |  Department of Humanities

Beth Siciliano was a professional writer and magazine editor for many years before she became part of the Paine College faculty in 2008. For the four years before she joined the Humanities Division, she was the executive editor of Columbia County Magazine, a monthly lifestyle magazine noted for its stylish design and lively writing. Prior to that, for eighteen years she was the editor of the award-winning Augusta Magazine, which became the model for many city and regional magazines in the Southeast. At both magazines she oversaw editorial content, directed photography and design, and wrote an editor’s column as well as numerous features. She also worked with many of the region’s finest writers. In addition to magazines, she has worked in the fields of marketing, web design and advertising, and has been active in many area and regional organizations, including the Magazine Association of the Southeast, the Society of Professional Journalists, the Augusta Ballet, Leadership Augusta, and the Augusta Author’s Club. Beth attended the University of Georgia and received a BA in English from Augusta College; she holds an MA in fiction from Seton Hill University. She has studied journalism and had extensive training in magazine editing and design at conferences throughout the U.S., including those held by the Magazine Publishers of America, the American Society of Magazine Editors, Reader’s Digest, the City and Regional Magazine Association and the Magazine Association of Georgia. Her appreciation of the written word comes in part from her mother, novelist Louise Shivers, who is writer-in-residence at Augusta State University.

Marva Stewart | (706) 821-8208 | Haygood-Holsey Hall, Room 412-D

Assistant Professor of English  |  Department of Humanities

Marva Stewart is an Assistant Professor of English and Coordinator of English and Foreign Languages at Paine College in Augusta, GA. She holds the B.A. in English from Paine College in Augusta, GA and M.A. in English from Atlanta University (now Clark Atlanta University). Professor Stewart was named a Teaching Fellow by the Council of Independent College Black Leadership Development Teaching Fellow and participated in a faculty exchange program at North Central College in Naperville Illinois. She also received a Fulbright-Hays Study Abroad Group Fellowship to Israel and Egypt in 1999. She is a columnist for the weekly African American paper, The MetroCourier, and writes the column “Think About It. Professor Stewart’s scholarly presentations include: “The Black Male: Still Victimized and Still Disenfranchised”; “Can’t We All Just Get Along”: Transcending Race, Culture, and Gender in Bebe Moore Campbell’s Brothers and Sisters: Implications for a Globalized Society”; and “The Global Laboratory: Innovative Learning/Teaching Concepts for HBCU’s.”

Gabriel Swenson | (706) 821 8227 | Mary Helm Building, Room 201

Assistant Professor of Biology  |  Department of Mathematics, Sciences and Technology

Gabriel J. Swenson is an Assistant Professor of Biology at Paine College. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology (Augusta State University) a Master of Science in Biology (Georgia State University) and a Ph.D. in Biological Science (University of South Carolina) with an emphasis in Microbial Ecology. He joined Paine College as a full time faculty member in 2006. Research interests include freshwater ecology of opportunistic enteric pathogens, environmental distribution of antibiotic resistant bacteria and impact of nutrient and environmental contaminant loading on bacterial community structure and function. I strongly encourage highly motivated undergraduate students to approach me if interested in microbial ecology, want to conduct environmental research and have aspirations of attending a graduate program in the environmental sciences.

Recent Publications:
The environmental pre-conditioning of bacterial populations and communities to extreme acidity. Gabriel J. Swenson Ph.D. Dissertation. University of South Carolina (2013).

Fluorometric estimation of surface associated microbial abundance.
Gabriel J. Swenson, Isaac M. Hagenbuch, James L. Pinckney, Richard A. Long
Journal of Microbiological Methods 88 (2012) 297–303.

Acid stress response in environmental and clinical strains of enteric bacteria.
Gabriel J. Swenson, J. Stochastic, Franklyn F. Bolander, Jr., Richard A. Long. Frontiers in Biology 7 (2012): 495-505.

Year round patchiness of Vibrio vulnificus within a temperate Texas bay.
Shelli L. M. Franco, Gabriel J. Swenson and Richard A. Long. Journal of Applied Microbiology 112 (2011) 593–604.

Hyatt M, Swenson G, Long R. Molecular Analysis of Bacterial Isolates
used as Unknowns in a Bacteriology Laboratory Exercise. Visual Resources. American Society for Microbiology, Washington DC. (2011)

Does sex influence postreproductive metamorphosis in Ambystoma talpoideum?
T.J. Ryan and G. Swenson Journal of Herpetology 35 (2001) 697-700.

Murhl T.Bussey | (706) 220-7687 | Haygood-Holsey Hall, Room 214

Adjunct Faculty  |  Department of Social Sciences


  • Capella University (currently enrolled) PhD in Advanced Studies in Human Behavior, Specialization in General Advanced Studies Human Behavior
  • Georgia Regents University (Augusta, Georgia) Masters in Counseling Education 2013
  • Augusta State University (Augusta, Georgia) Masters Candidate in Counseling Education 2010
  • Augusta State University (Augusta, Georgia), Bachelor of Arts Sociology (Major) Communications (Minor) 2009
  • Augusta Technical College (Augusta, Georgia) Diploma in Computer and Graphic Arts 2001
  • Lander College (Greenwood, SC) Completed course in Banking and Business 1980

  • *Member of Chi Sigma Iota Gamma Ro Omega Chapter @ ASU 2009, 2010, 2011 (current) CSI-Chi Upsilon Chapter/Capella University, ACA (American Counseling Association) 2011-2012 (current), ResearchGate, Tau Upsilon Alpha (Chapter of NOHS Honor Society, PhD Sister’s Group, Psychology Club, Human Resources Community, Play Therapy Specialization, Public Service Leadership (PSL) Professionals
  • * CITI Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (certification) Social & Behavioral Research - Basic/Refresher: CITI training requirements for Investigators and staff involved primarily in Social/Behavioral Research with human subjects

Philip Thomas | (706) 821-8274 | Haygood-Holsey Hall, Room 412-C

Professor of Sociology  |  Department of Social Sciences

Phillip Thomas is a Professor of Sociology at Paine College since 1976; Bachelor of Science Degree (1967) and Diploma in social services (D.S.S) (1968) from University of Kerala, India. Labor Welfare Officer (liaison Officer between the Management and the Labor) in a Government owned Plywood factory in India (1968-1969); Presented several sociological research papers and social stratification (caste system) and social mobility of India in the annual meetings of professional organizations such as Georgia Sociological Association, Southern Sociological Society and National Social Science Association, 1986- present; Principal Investigator (PI) for a U.S. Department of Education grant at Paine College ($230,000) - the Minority Science Improvement Grant (MSIP) (1988-1991); PhD from Emory University, 1983.

Lixin Wang | (706) 396-8126 | Mary Helm Building, Room 304

Associate Professor of Computer Science   |  Department of Mathematics, Sciences and Technology

Dr. Lixin Wang is currently an assistant professor at the Department of Math, Sciences, and Technology of Paine College, Augusta, GA. He received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from Illinois Institute of Technology (Chicago, IL), M.S. degree in Computer Science from University of Houston at Clear Lake, M.S. degree in Applied Math from University of Houston (Houston, TX), M.S. degree in Math from Fudan University (Shanghai, China), and B.S. degree in Math from Hunan Normal University (Hunan, China). His research interests include Wireless Networking, and Algorithm Design and Analysis. Dr. Wang currently provides scholarships to students at Paine College who participate in his NSF research grant.

Millicent West | (706) 627-3702 | Haygood-Holsey Hall, Room 420

SAMHSA PC-IDEAL Project Coordinator  |  Department of Social Sciences

Profile Unavailable.

Sardar Yousufzai | (706) 821-8261 | Mary Helm Building, Room 303

Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Physics & Environmental Sciences  |  Department of Mathematics, Sciences and Technology

Dr. Sadar Y. Yousufzai is an Assistant Professor of Chemistry. His educational background consists of a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (1967; Agra University India), a Masters of Science in Microbiology (major) and Organic Chemistry (minor) in 1971 (Panthnagar University, India), a Masters of Philosophy in Biochemistry (1975; Aligarh University, India) and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry (1978; Aligar University, India). His research experience includes serving as a Post-Doctoral Fellow (Department of Physiology and Department of Nutrition, University of Wisconsin, 1978-1982), a Research Assistant Scientist (Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Medical College of Georgia, 1982-1990), and an Assistant Professor (Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Medical College of Georgia, 1991-2000).

Xiaoning Zhang | (706) 821-8384 | George Williams Walker Science Building, Room 106

Assistant Professor of Chemistry  |  Department of Mathematics, Sciences and Technology

Dr. Zhang is interested in developing model systems, new materials, and new analytical tools to study reactions on surfaces (chemical and biological) and the small organic compounds or trace and ultra-trace element present in environments. His research interests are broad, and thus he utilize a large number of analytical techniques to better understand the areas described below.

  • Exploring the method of attachment chemistry and its application in the fabrication of a “use” and “re-use” antifouling membrane; 
  • Ultra-low voltage electro wetting on a solid-like ionic liquid dielectric layer and its application in protein separation on the surface; 
  • Developing array fabrication chemistry strategies for multi-type protein modification on surfaces, as well as monitoring bimolecular binding events; 
  • And developing simple and efficient procedures for the analysis of small organic compounds or trace and ultra-trace element present in environment using a variety of analytical equipment. 

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