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C. P. Abubucker
Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science
Department of Mathematics, Sciences and Technology 
Mary Helm Building, Room 304
Office: (706) 821-8245
Catherine Adams
Assistant Professor
Department of Humanities 
Haygood-Holsey Hall, Room 313F
Office: (706) 396-8105
Wille Adams
Head Women's Basketball Coach
HEAL Complex, Room B-129
Office: (706) 821-8462
Cell/Alt Tel: (706) 821-8264

Fax: (706) 396-8154
Willie Mae Allen
Administrative Assistant
Counseling Center 
Peters Campus Center, Room 215
Office: (706) 821-8388
Fax: (706) 774-1564
Yao Amewokunu
Assistant Professor
Department of Business 
Department of Business Building, Room 4
Office: (706) 821-8254
Fax: (706) 396-7624
Andrea Anderson
Director of Academic Advising / Special Assistant to the Provost for th...
Academic Center for Excellence and Success 
Mary Helm Building, Room 311
Office: (706) 432-0729
Edwin Bailey
Residence Hall Director, Gray Hall
Residence Life 
Peters Campus Center, Room 219
Office: (706) 821-8200
Katherine Bain
Assistant Professor of Religion
Department of Humanities 
McGinnis Building, Room 3
Office: (706) 821-8246
Komala Balakrishnan
Assistant Professor of Mathematics & Computer Science
Department of Mathematics, Sciences and Technology 
Mary Helm Building, Room 315
Office: (706) 821-8214
Tanika Beard
Records and Graduation Coordinator
Haygood-Holsey Hall, Room 114
Office: (706) 396-8103
Fax: (706) 821-8398
Reginald Beaty
Dean of Student Affairs
Student Affairs 
Peters Campus Center, Room 202
Office: (706) 821-8302
Fax: (706) 396-7609
Willie Mae Boler
Financial Aid Counselor (Part-time)
Financial Aid 
Haygood-Holsey Hall, Room 104
Office: (706) 821-8262
Fax: (706) 821-8691
Nancy Bookhart
Assistant Professor of Art
Department of Humanities 
Mary Helm Building
Office: (706) 821-8204
George C. Bradley
President's Office 
Haygood-Holsey Hall, Room 218
Office: (706) 821-8230
Fax: (706) 821-8333
Lisa Branon
Athletics Trainer
HEAL Complex, Room C-106
Office: (706) 396-7567
Fax: (706) 396-8154
Gilda Brathwaite
Circulation Desk Manager
Library & Learning Resources Center 
Collins-Callaway Library, Room 114
Office: (706) 821-8308
Wanda Brock
Office Manager / Help Desk Resource Coordinator
Information Technology Services 
Haygood-Holsey Hall, Room 306
Office: (706) 396-7612
Gloria Brodie
Catalog Assistant
Library & Learning Resources Center 
Collins-Callaway Library, Room 116
Office: (706) 821-8363
Anthony Brooks
Purchasing Manager
Institutional Advancement 
Haygood-Holsey Hall, Room 110
Office: (706) 821-8283
Fax: (706) 399-0117
Brandon Brown
Senior Vice President
Institutional Advancement 
Haygood-Holsey Hall, Room 115
Office: (706) 821-8223

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