Travel through African American History with Museum on Wheels

Posted by painewebmaster | 01/15/2018 05:18 AM

The Sankofa African American Museum on Wheels is coming to Paine College Wednesday, January 17, from 11 am – 5 pm. This unique exhibit features hundreds of historical artifacts, pictures, documents, letters, signs, and other items that tell the story of African American heritage. The Sankofa exhibit is appropriate for all ages and races. Spanning a period from 1860 to the present, “Sankofa” takes audiences on a journey through slavery, the era of King Cotton and days of Emancipation. It also tells stories of Ida B. Wells, Tuskegee Airmen, Dr. King, and present-day heroes and sheroes.

In 1995, “Sankofa” creator, Angela Jennings, saw the need to teach young African Americans about their heritage. She has since spent much of her time traveling throughout the United States, the US Virgin Islands, West Africa, and Europe to amass a collection of art, collectibles and memorabilia.

The Sankofa exhibit is free and open to the public. For more information, contact the Office of Communications and Marketing at (706) 821-8233 or email

It is not taboo to fetch what is at risk of being left behind.


Event Details

Travel through African American History with Museum on Wheels At Paine College

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

11:00 am to 5:00 pm

Candler Memorial Library – 2nd Floor

Free and Open to the Public

Contact: Helene Carter

(706) 821-8233 –