Augusta is represented by Paine College Student in Ebony’s Campus Queens Contest

Posted by painewebmaster | 01/8/2018 06:53 AM

Ebony Magazine announces its HBCU Campus Queens online competition.  It was founded to promote Black excellence and brilliance.  Each campus reigning beauty was elected by her peers and/or school officials to represent these standards for her institution. Augusta is represented by Paine College student Mikel Andrews. Make sure that you go online and vote for Mikel Andrews to become Ebony’s Campus Queen.  She will be competing with other colleges nationwide.  Voting ends at 11:59 pm on January 20, 2018, and you are able to vote each day so vote as many times as you can. Let’s make sure that Augusta, Paine College and Mikel Andrews become the winners in this competition. Go to to vote.

Mikel Andrews is from Jacksonville, Florida.  She is a senior at Paine College majoring in Sociology.  She is graduating in 2019.  Her goal is to open her own counseling center one day.  She recalls her most memorable moment was when she hosted a “Smiling through the Paine” event.  The event brought out trials and tribulations that many young women had been through.  Many had dealt with health issues including depression and some even had suicidal thoughts.  As Queen she wanted them to feel comfortable enough to come and talk to her.  She stated that “To know that this event possibly saved someone’s life put a smile on my face.”  Representing Augusta and Paine, Mikel would make a wonderful campus queen for Ebony Magazine.