Paine College Police Department Respond Swiftly to Suspicious Person Report

Posted by painewebmaster | 03/25/2015 07:48 AM

The Paine College Police Department received a report from a Paine College Residence Director that two students had an altercation on the basketball court.  It was reported that one of the students left the basketball court to retrieve what was perceived to be a firearm from the residence hall.

The Paine College Police Officers, upon receiving the report between 8:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m., placed the campus in full lockdown mode and contacted Richmond County Sheriff’s Office as a precautionary measure. Paine College officials issued emergency alert notifications to students and the college community to remain inside until the threat was contained.

The Paine College Police Officers apprehended the student and conducted a full check of the student’s room.  No firearms or weapons were found in the student’s possession or in his dormitory room.    

The lockdown was lifted at 9:59 p.m. and students were notified simultaneously via the campus email system and the emergency alert notification system, e2Campus, that the threat had been contained. 

The e2Campus system is the voluntary OPT-in emergency notification system used by Paine College and over 800 other schools. To use the Paine College e2Campus Alert System, students, faculty, and staff must register with their Paine College email account. Users have the option of adding mobile and voice phone numbers. One must subscribe to the e2Campus system in order to receive e2Campus alerts. 

“Our department acted quickly by immediately locking down the campus and alerting students, faculty, and staff to remain inside until further notice,” says Paine College Police Chief, Joseph Nelson. “Our notification system sends out alerts by text, phone, email, and an outdoor warning siren system,” adds Chief Nelson. 

The Paine College Police Department is conducting an ongoing investigation.

More information will be released and shared with the campus community as it becomes available.