Posted by painewebmaster | 05/23/2014 04:15 AM

Augusta, GA…Yesterday, during a meeting with Paine College Faculty and Staff, President George C. Bradley announced that tuition fees would remain flat for the 2014-2015 academic term but summer furloughs would be implemented and go into effect on May 30th. Dr. Bradley also announced that the Paine College Police Department and hourly employees would be exempt. The furlough will affect members of the administrative council, faculty, staff and the President.

During his address to faculty and staff, Dr. Bradley reviewed the federal government’s cuts in the areas of Parent Plus Loans and Pell Grants and how the reductions impacted Paine College and institutions throughout Georgia and the nation. He also talked about how the cuts impacted low to medium-income families and their abilities to pay college tuition and fees.

Furloughs are a common practice that institutions have used across the CSRA and the nation to strengthen their organizations and to ensure that students would continue to receive uninterrupted quality offerings and services.

The recommendation to implement the furlough was made by the Administrative Council. “It is important that we continue to offer access to a quality education to all students as the College works toward empowering these students to serve their respective communities, the nation and the world,” said Dr. Bradley.

“We are sensitive to the needs of low to moderate-income students during these tough economic times,” commented Dr. Bradley. “The College will not raise tuition but will tighten belts in other areas.”

Just last week, Dr. Michael Lomax, CEO and President of the UNCF, addressed the U.S. Senate about the challenges facing HBCUs and majority institutions across the nation due to changes in Pell Grants and Parent Plus Loans. Dr. Lomax stated that the changes in federal guidelines for the Parent Plus Loans affected more than 400,000 students nationwide initially and 28,000 students at HBCUs. HBCUs experienced a significant reduction in the number of students whose parents were able to obtain Parent Plus Loans, thus, many of the HBCUs suffered a $155 million or 35 percent reduction in the Parent Plus Loan revenue during the 2012-2013 academic year.

During the Bush Administration, the federal government changed the guidelines for Work Study refunds that drastically impacted how students repaid outstanding balances. In other words, students no longer were mandated to utilize refunds to satisfy outstanding tuition and fees to the College.

In the coming months, Paine College officials will review the impact of these federal cuts and changes in policies with members of Congress.

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