Paine College President to attend State of the Union Address

Posted by painewebmaster | 01/28/2014 07:45 AM

Augusta, GA…..

 The Office of Institutional Advancement announces today that Paine College continues to reach milestones.  Dr. George C. Bradley, President of Paine College, has been extended an invitation to attend President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address that will be broadcasted Tuesday, January 28, 2014.  After receiving the invitation from Congressman John Barrow, Dr. Bradley proudly accepted this opportunity to share with the leaders of our country as the nation listens to the President deliver his vision for the nation this year.

 Dr. George C. Bradley said, “Anytime you are invited to witness history and further be a part of the Congress exercising its responsibilities to inform citizens about issues regarding the nation, it is indeed an honor to be a participant.”  “Paine College continues to work with all legislators and develop relationships to further strengthen our educational opportunities and build bridges that benefit the CSRA communities,” commented Dr. Bradley.

 Senior VP Brandon P. Brown said, “For the President of Paine College to be invited to the hardest ticket in Washington, DC says a whole lot about the value of the Institution.  Not everyone gets invited to the Capitol to join members of Congress, the Senate, the Supreme Court, Cabinet Secretaries, Speaker of the House, Vice President, and President,” said Brown.

 Upon Dr. Bradley’s return to Augusta, faculty, staff, students and the community will be invited to speak with him about his experience.