Department of Humanities Gears Up for Conference on the Harlem Renaissance

Posted by lsuggs | 11/1/2013 07:22 AM

(Augusta, GA) – The Department of Humanities at Paine College will host the 16th Annual Conference on the Harlem Renaissance from November 6-8, 2013. This year’s theme is “Midwives and Mavericks: Architects, Artists and Critics of the Renaissance.” This open to the public event will feature Dr. Leonard Harris, a well-noted scholar of a Renaissance major architect and philosopher, Alain Locke. Dr. Leonard Harris will serve as the keynote speaker at the Conference on the Harlem Renaissance.

The conference sessions will include presentations from independent scholars and activists, faculty, graduate and undergraduate students on the lives, work, and impact of a variety of architects, artists, and critics of the Harlem Renaissance Era.

The conference will kick-off with an open plenary session and luncheon at the Candler Memorial Library Building on Wednesday November 6th at 12:30 p.m.  On Thursday, November 7th at 6:00 p.m., a special presentation will take place, featuring a Cutno dance performance, free and open to the public within Candler as well.

“Having served on the Conference on the Harlem Renaissance Committee for three years, I am excited about our 16th annual conference,” stated Dr. Catherine L. Adams, Chair of the Humanities Department.  “This year, we have a new role; student co-chair, Michael A. Jones.  Jones, a senior, will oversee the planning of the Harlem Renaissance Assembly and activities for Paine and visiting students during the Conference.”

About Dr. Leonard Harris:

Dr. Harris is currently a professor of Philosophy at Purdue University. He specializes in social and political philosophy, philosophy of social science and American philosophy, with particular emphasis on African American Philosophy, Marx, Weber, and Dewey. He is the co-author of Alain L. Locke: Biography of a Philosopher. He is also the editor of The Critical Pragmatism of Alain Locke (authors from America, Europe, and Africa considering contributions and limitations of Locke's value theory) and The Philosophy of Alain Locke: Harlem Renaissance and Beyond which include major treatises and previously unpublished works by Locke. He has been affiliated with research institutions in Brazil, England and America and holds Board/Executive memberships with professorial organizations and heads the Alain L. Locke Society and the Philosophy Born of Struggle Association.

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Photo caption: Conference on the Harlem Renaissance, November 6-8, 2013 on the campus of Paine College.