School of Arts and Sciences’ Faculty Present at the National Symposium of Faculty Resource Network of New York University

Posted by lsuggs | 05/31/2013 06:59 AM

(Augusta, GA) – Recently, three faculty from the School of Arts and Sciences (Ms. Marva Stewart (English), Ms. Elizabeth Siciliano (English), and Ms. Rhonda McCoy (Computer Science and Information Technology Specialist) were selected to present their panel discussions and final paper at the National Symposium of the Faculty Resource Network of New York University.

Faculty Resource Network programs and events are offered year-round, and serve to provide faculty from member institutions with a broad range of faculty development opportunities ranging from intensive summer seminars, longer research residencies, lunchtime lectures, panel discussions, national symposia, and more. The FRN also sponsors a Student Exchange Program with a number of Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Hispanic-serving institutions.
Professors Stewart, Siciliano, and McCoy presented at the “New Faces, New Expectations” National Symposium, and, as a result, excerpts from their presentation have been published in a Fall Publication of the Faculty Resource Network of New York University.

Please click the link below to read a portion of the professors’ presentation.

For Paine College faculty interested in these and other faculty professional development opportunities, please contact Dean Emily Allen-Williams (School of Arts and Sciences) who serves as the Faculty Liaison for the Faculty Resource Network at New York University.

It Takes a Village: Using Collaboration to Enhance Interactive Learning and Improve the Employability of Liberal Arts Students

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