Paine College students present at University of Nebraska at Omaha for 2012 Missouri Valley History Conference

Posted by ncarter | 04/17/2012 08:26 AM

By: L. Suggs

(AUGUSTA, GA) – Paine College’s assistant professor of history, Dr. Michael J.C. Taylor, along with two students Keziah Stephens and Milton Veasley, traveled to the University of Nebraska at Omaha on last month to present their research papers at the 2012 Missouri Valley History Conference.  The Missouri Valley History Conference, Inc. is a non-profit corporation in the state of Nebraska.  The 55th Annual MVHC is sponsored by the MVHC, Inc., and the History Department at the University of Nebraska, Omaha. 

Dr. Taylor, Stephens and Veasley presented their research papers at the annual history conference, all of which were highly praised.  Stephens and Veasley, both natives of Augusta, GA, are senior history majors.

“With the tremendous success of our students at the 2012 Missouri Valley History Conference, I am anticipating more students will present at this highly respected gathering in the future,” Dr. Taylor said.

Stephens’ presented her paper entitled, “In the Age of Reason: the Enlightenment Perspective of Antiquarian Historians with the philosophies and view of Edward Gibbon”.  Dr. Robert Nash, professor of history at the University of Nebraska at Omaha described Stephen’s research paper as “ambitious and memorable…was a masterful intellectual overview of a complex and significant historical work”.

Veasley’s “The Scramble for Africa: A Revision of It’s Veiled History” received admiration from Professor Damian Jackson, professor of history in the Metropolitan Community College Systems of Omaha.  Jackson stated that, “It was difficult for me at first to believe this to be the work of an undergraduate student” and that he would expect Veasley’s work “from a second or third-year graduate student”.

Dr. Taylor present his paper entitled “No Less of a Desire to Gain a Great Deal: The Enlightenment Philosophy of Property and Its Constitutional Implication,” which is derived from his book, A Bondage in Liberty: The Taney Court and the Constitutional Protection of Human Chattel Slavery. 
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Photo caption: (Left to Right) Milton Veasley, Dr. Michael Taylor, and Keziah Stephens at the 55th Annual 2012 Missouri Valley History Conference. [Photos taken by Christopher Taylor]