Paine College Business Department Named One of "Most Innovative Small College Business Departments"

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The Business Research Guide (BRG) named the Paine College Business department as one of "50 most innovative small college business departments" for 2015.  The Business Research Guide (BRG) reviews technologies, products, services, along with career and education programs and options. 

Each year they rank college and university degree programs, including advanced degrees in key business areas. Paine College, one of two small colleges in Georgia to make the list, ranks 31st, was lauded for its “focus on students with a vested commitment to beginning a career path in business”.

“The Department of Business Administration is accredited by Accreditation Council of Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).  The Department offers a degree program leading to the “Bachelor of Science in Business Administration”  (BSBA),  with concentrations in Accounting, International Business, Management, Management Information Systems, and Marketing,” said Department Chair Dr. Okoroafor Nzeh, “It is great to be recognized for providing our students with the education they need to be competitive.”

Read the complete article on The Business Research Guide (BRG) at

Paine College Build It Back Campaign Surges - Exceeds $264,000.00 And Growing

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The Paine College Community rallied exuberantly with a rousing show of fervent support for the institution that has been a mainstay in the Augusta community for over 133 years. On Tuesday evening, November 10th, the 1,200-seat sanctuary in the Gilbert-Lambuth Memorial Chapel was standing room only and filled with faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends who chanted "build it back" throughout the Rally. Dr. Samuel Sullivan, Interim President, said the Build it Back Rally would be carved in the College's history and all who were present would be a part of that history. While the event was scheduled to begin at 6 p.m., alumni, friends and supporters gathered in the sanctuary more than 45 minutes earlier bearing checks and donations. 

Although the College launched the Build it Back Campaign to address a budget shortfall and financial challenges, the Campaign has re-energized the community's commitment to the institution. 

At the close of the event, Sunya L. Young, Vice President of Institutional Advancement, announced a preliminary report of nearly $180,000 in cash and pledges. As of Friday, November 13th, the Campaign had exceeded its kick-off goal of $250,000.00 and reached $264,038.86. Reportedly, gifts are still pouring in ranging from single online gifts of $10.00 to check donations of $25,000.00. 

"No gift is too small or too large," said Dr. Sullivan who donated $5,000.00 to the Campaign. "This show of support will go a long way in helping to make the case that Paine College matters to all of us," commented Dr. Sullivan. "The College, accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), is on Probation and will have to demonstrate to the SACSCOC Review Team that it is fiscally stable during its next review in February 2016. The Build it Back Campaign will, in a significant way, help to position the College on a financially-stable track.

" Throughout the evening, alumni, faculty, friends and supporters made check presentations, but one of the most memorable presentations came from the Student Government Association leaders and the student body who gathered around the altar to announce that they had voluntarily voted to donate a portion of their activity fees to the Campaign in the amount of $108,000. (This student donation is in addition to funds collected at the Rally, and since, in cash and pledges.) Dr. Sullivan was so moved by the students' generosity that he gave a rousing rendition of the Paine College chant, ending it with a hearty howl. The crowd jumped on their feet in a loud and boisterous cheer. 

Dr. Luther B. Felder, Paine's campus pastor, summed up the Rally as being an amazing expression of love towards Paine College. "Clearly, the community believes in the institution and recognizes that these are critical times," he said. "We are grateful for God's grace in this present moment. This is a great start for what is a marathon requiring vigilance on the part of the community and faith in the God that has created us all. The God that we serve is our refuge and strength, a very present help in our time of trouble." 

"The donors who have made gifts or pledges to the Campaign are representative of those persons who believe in the value of the institution," stated Dr. Sullivan. "Each gift is a vote of confidence in the College. Each gift will make a difference in the students' lives and will ensure that the College will be around for generations to come. Given the monies raised to date, coupled with the students' gift, the Campaign will apply more than $372,038.86 to the budget. 

To make a gift to the Build it Back Campaign in support of Paine College, contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at 706.821.8233 or email Vice President Sunya L. Young at Donations can be made online by visiting the College's website at Click Give to Paine. Also, make a gift by texting "painecollege" to 42828. 

Paine College Students Rallied In Support Of The Build It Back Campaign

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The sanctuary in the Gilbert-Lambuth Memorial Chapel was filled with faculty, staff, students, alumni, friends and supporters who gathered in support of the Build it Back: Rally for Paine College Campaign that kicked off with cash gifts of over $180,000.00 donated during the event.  Gifts are still coming in.  There were numerous speakers and presenters who expressed their love and commitment for the 134 year-old institution that has been an ever-present force in the Augusta community.

The Build it Back Campaign is designed to address the College’s financial challenges.  With an enrollment of 550 students, the College reduced its operating budget by 20% or $5 million.

“I cannot fathom an Augusta, Georgia without Paine College,” said Will Morris of Morris Communications, publisher of The Augusta Chronicle.  “The College has my family’s support in finding a permanent solution.”

Friends and supporters made presentations ranging in amounts from $2,500.00 to $15,000.00, however the College received numerous gifts that were in smaller amounts.  On behalf of the Advisement Board of the former Capitol City Bank and Trust Company, Paine College graduate Margaret Ellis Westbrook presented a check in the amount of $11,759.37.  Mr. and Mrs. Jerome (Brenda) Jones of J&B Construction Company contributed $15,000.00 to the campaign.  Dr. Sam Davis, Pastor of Beulah Grove Baptist Church, cheerfully commented that this was the first time he’d passed the money on to someone else.  The faith-based community rallied strongly for Paine College, as well.

Dr. Samuel Sullivan, Interim President, stated, “No gift is too small or too large.”

However, the most moving show of support came later during the service.  Student Government Association leaders and students gathered at the altar to show a sign of unity and support for the College.  Student Government Association leader Michael Johnson stated, “It is critical that we stand together during these times.  We know the challenges that we are facing.”

Michael Johnson announced that the students voted unanimously to donate a portion of their activity fees to the College to benefit the operating budget.  “This is Paine College at its best,” commented Michael.

Deonte Moses, Vice President of the Student Government Association, said that the students decided to return $108,000 of the $278,000 Student Activity budget to the College.  The Student Government Association called an emergency meeting to address ways to support the College.  As a result, the student body signed a petition to give back a portion of the activity fees.  The students will have a balance of $170,000.00 to implement extra-curricular activities such as parties, concerts, cookouts, trips, etc.

I don’t know that I have ever been touched by a gift to the College as I am about the students’ gift to Paine,” said Dr. Samuel Sullivan.  The students did not have to volunteer to do this.  “They chose to forfeit some of their activities for the sake of the College,” commented Dr. Sullivan who said that the Build it Back Rally and the outpouring of support would ensure that the College would be around for generations to come. At the conclusion of the event last evening, the college reported over $288,000 that will benefit the operating budget.

To make a gift to the Build it Back Campaign in support of Paine College, contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at 706.821.8233, or email Vice President Sunya Young at  Donations can be made online by visiting the College’s website at Click Give to Paine.  Also, make a gift by texting “painecollege” to 42828.  

Paine College President Announces Campaign to Address Budget Shortfall

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During the College’s weekly Assembly, Dr. Samuel Sullivan, Interim President of Paine College, announced the campaign to address the College’s budget shortfall. He said to faculty, staff and students who were gathered in the Gilbert-Lambuth Memorial Chapel, “We are moving toward a more efficient, well-oiled machine, and I am asking that everybody move in the same direction to get the College across the finish line to where we will have a successful review meeting with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools’ visiting review team in 2016.”

To address the budget shortfall, the College will kick-off the Build it Back: Rally to Save Paine College Campaign on Tuesday, November 10th, at 6:00 p.m. in the Chapel. The Campaign is designed to raise emergency funds that will be applied toward the College’s operating budget and immediate needs.  Although the Campaign will officially launch on November 10th, in days leading up to the rally the College has received an outpouring of love and support, and many alumni and supporters have sent monetary gifts and pledged their support. Those gifts will be announced during the rally on November 10th.

Dr. Sullivan further stated, “We must make tough decisions. There will be additional cutbacks. We have to proceed by trimming our costs and making sure that we make wise decisions on how to spend the revenue. I know that your love for the College will continue to keep us moving in the right direction to cross the finish line.”

In an earlier statement to the Paine College Community, Dr. Sullivan wrote, “While it is true that the College is experiencing financial challenges and is on probation, the College is open and is accredited by its regional accrediting body, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). During June 2015, SACSCOC extended the College’s probationary status for another year.  The extension gives the College time to address four remaining sanctions that pertain to financial resources and financial stability. The College remains accredited while on probation.”

“I need everybody working with me,” said Dr. Sullivan as he announced that payroll for hourly workers will be on schedule for Friday, November 6th. He also stated that salaried employees who were awaiting back pay will also receive their paychecks on November 6th. He emphatically stated, “However, the challenges are not over.”

Dr. Sullivan concluded by stating that the College would continue to be open, fully operational and committed to its Mission. He invited the audience to rally for Paine College by joining him in the chant for PC.

For more information about the Build it Back: Rally to Save Paine College Campaign, please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at (706)-821-8233 or email Vice President Sunya L. Young at

The Paine College Department of Media Studies launches “Paine College Digital Dialogue”

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The Paine College Department of Media Studies has introduced “Paine College Digital Dialogue”, a multi-media exchange that connects students to industry professionals. This web-based speakers’ bureau allows young people to have candid conversations with experts in the world of communications and other related fields. The bi-monthly digital seminar occurs the 1st and third Thursday of every month in the Haygood-Holsey Bldg. - Room 210, at Paine College at 3:30 PM. 

Veteran sports writer and reporter, David Aldridge is one of several celebrity journalists and experienced professionals to appear on Paine College Digital Dialogue, an educational speakers’ bureau.  Aldridge, an award-winning journalist, has worked for some of the most distinguished media companies in the country including the Washington Post, The Philadelphia Inquirer, ESPN, NBA TV and TNT/TBS.

Other area students and guests from the CSRA are invited to join the conversation by registering via email by sending a request to 

Paine College Digital Dialogue is conducted via SKYPE, bringing experienced professionals into the classroom. The selected speakers panel has an impressive list of professionals dedicated to provide their insight and expertise. Guests slated to appear on Paine College Digital Dialogue are:    

David Aldridge – One of the most prolific writers and reporters in sports, David Aldridge is a an analyst for TNT/TBS.  His career includes working for The Washington Post, ESPN, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Tony Kornheiser Show, NBA TV and Turner Broadcasting.  Aldridge has covered many celebrated events including NASCAR, Stanley Cup Finals, NCAA Final Four, and the U.S. Open Tennis Championships just to name a few.  

Bruce Dunn – One of the most well respected professionals in television, Bruce Dunn is Operations Supervisor at ESPN.   An experienced television executive, Dunn has covered six Olympic Games as well as extensive work for the NCAA, NFL, and college football.  He is the father of Vine celebrity and comedic prankster, Eric Dunn. Dunn is a former public television general manager, and has an extensive catalogue of his work.  

Halie Gerima – An independent filmmaker and Howard University professor, Halie Gerima is internationally renown for his work.  The Ethiopian born director, writer, producer, and cinematographer is best known for his epic film Sankofa, but is a celebrated film professional with many other documentaries to his credit. 

Steven James – The Emmy Award winning producer/director is a 30 year veteran of the television industry, working with NBC, ABC, NFL Films and NBA TV. He is also the original director and producer of BET’s 106 & Park. One of the most sought after directors in the business, James is an experienced producer as well.  

Michaela Pereira – Co-host for CNN morning show, “New Day”, and a nine-time Emmy Award winning talent, Pereira is the former host of KTLA’s morning program in Los Angeles. Pereira has also been awarded with three (Radio & TV News Association) Golden Mike Awards.  Beyond the newsroom, Pereira has been honored by several community organizations and works with many programs for at-risk youth and teens.   

Danielle Ricks – Known as the Geek Diva Gadget Girl, Ricks is a multi-media specialist who has worked in every broadcast medium.  An award winning journalist, Ricks has also worked for Disney Entertainment, The Gayle King Show and BET Networks. 

Rashid Abdul Salaam – Mr. Abdul Salaam is a CNN analyst, and a 35 year veteran of law enforcement and police investigation. A specialist on security matters, he provides community awareness seminars on personal rights when stopped by the police.  Abdul Salaam also instructs sensitivity training to police departments both domestically and internationally.  The experienced security specialist has been a guest on Fox, Headline News, and Al Jazeera Network.   

Paine College to Host “Build it Back: Rally to Preserve the Institution

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Paine College will hold Build it Back: Rally to Save Paine College on Tuesday, November 10th at 6:00 p.m. in the Gilbert-Lambuth Memorial Chapel.

The College is asking the Central Savannah River Area’s (CSRA) residents, alumni, faith-based, business and corporate communities and friends to support Paine College as it faces tremendous financial challenges as the College works towards long-term sustainability.

“Together we can build back an institution that has educated thousands of men and women who have greatly contributed to the local community and to the world,” said Dr. Samuel Sullivan, Interim President.  “It is crucial that alumni, friends and the community continue to support the College. No matter how much one gives, the gift will have an immediate impact on the College.”

This fundraising event will feature alumni and friends of the College sharing what makes Paine an integral part of the Augusta area, the State of Georgia, and beyond. Attendees will be able to make a contribution to Paine College at the event.  Contributions can be made on the Paine College website at


For more information, please contact the Office of Communications and Marketing at 706.396.7591,

Paine College Officials Announce Budget Shortfall – Impacts Ability to Make Payroll

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Paine College officials announced today that the College will not be able to make its scheduled payroll.

Sunya L. Young, Vice President of Institutional Advancement, said, “We were unable to meet payroll today.  We are making every effort to pay our employees as quickly as possible, and hope to be able to do so next week.  It is not true that employees will not be paid until January 1, 2016.  No final decisions have been made concerning future pay, at this time.  We are focusing on the current situation.”

Earlier during the week, Dr. Samuel Sullivan, Interim President of Paine College, broke the news to the faculty and staff at a meeting held in the Gilbert-Lambuth Memorial Chapel.

Sherrell Flournoy, Controller, commented that all salaried employees persons paid from grants received their paychecks. All hourly employees were paid for the month of October. In addition, all employee benefits were met.

Salaried employees who are paid out of institutional funds were not paid.  The College is working to pay salaried employees as soon as possible.

Although the College issued courtesy letters to creditors on behalf of employees stipulating that employees would be paid no later than January 8, 2016, the College will make every effort to fulfill obligations to employees as soon as funds become available. 


Media Contact:  Tonya J. Williams – 706.396.7591


Paine College, Augusta, Georgia

Paine College receives $10,000 From Christian Methodist Episcopal (CME) Church

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The Christian Methodist Episcopal (CME) Church donated $10,000 to Paine College during the Fourth Annual CME Unity Summit held Monday, September 28, 2015, through Friday, October 2, 2015. This year's Unity Summit (Theme: "Investing Where You Are") featured the General Officers leading plenary and model-building sessions, and guest preachers, speakers and teachers from around the United States. 

The check was presented to interim Paine College President, Dr. Samuel Sullivan, by Bishop Lawrence L. Reddick III, the presiding bishop of the Eighth Episcopal District during the 2015 CME Unity Summit.

Bishop Teresa E. Snorton and the members of the Fifth Episcopal District hosted the CME Unity Summit, which included the General Connectional Board, Gospel Concert featuring Grammy Award-winning gospel recording artists Tramaine Hawkins and Jennifer Holliday, along with teen Stellar Award-winning gospel recording artist, Jekalyn Carr.

Paine College is part of the Christian Methodist Episcopal (CME) family, founded by the leadership of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, now United Methodist Church, and the Colored Methodist Episcopal Church, now Christian Methodist Episcopal (CME) Church. 


Paine College to Host a Memorial Service for Silas Norman, Jr., M.D.

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Paine College will host a memorial service for Silas Norman Jr., M.D., on Friday, October 23, 2015, at 3:00 p.m. at Gilbert-Lambuth Memorial Chapel on the Paine College campus. Dr. Norman died in the early morning hours of July 17, 2015. He was 74. Dr. Norman was appointed to the Paine College Board of Trustees in 2009 and later elected Chairman of the Board until he vacated the position in 2014. The public is invited to attend the memorial service. 

A 1962 graduate of Paine College and a longtime member of the faculty, Norman served as the president of the Paine College National Alumni Association. As a student, he was president of the Paine College student body, head of the Student Non-violent Steering Committee, and the chairman of the NAACP statewide student chapter. When students decided to boycott buses in Augusta, Norman led the student movement in Georgia. He was the first one to set foot on a segregated bus and was among five students who were arrested. He and the other students filed a lawsuit against the City of Augusta and the bus company. They won the lawsuit and, as a result, segregated buses were outlawed in Augusta and in the state of Georgia.

While attending Paine, in addition to being a scholar, Norman was also a student-athlete. He played the position of center on the Paine College football team. In May 2015, during Paine College Alumni Reunion Weekend, Norman was inducted into the Paine College Athletics Hall of Fame. 

After graduating with a bachelor's degree in natural sciences from Paine College, Norman entered Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit, MI as a medical student, graduating in 1976. He completed his internship and residency in Internal Medicine at Detroit General Hospital. 

Dr. Norman was engaged in every aspect of WSU School of Medicine life. An assistant professor of Internal Medicine at WSU, Norman was appointed assistant dean for Admissions in 2003 and associate dean for Admissions, Diversity, and Inclusion in 2010. 

Medicine was Dr. Norman's ministry; whether providing care to prisoners, the underserved and uninsured, or expanding opportunities in medicine for underrepresented people, he always cared beyond himself. He was an outstanding leader, physician, mentor, and friend, beloved by many.

Dr. Norman served as a consultant to the Detroit Health Care for the Homeless project and the Detroit Department of Health and Wellness Promotion, working to see that thousands of uninsured and underserved people received much-needed health care. He was chair of the Detroit-based Community Health Awareness Group Inc., an organization dedicated to supporting individuals affected and infected with HIV and AIDS. His commitment to social and humanistic medicine also led him to serve as the chief medical officer for the Michigan Department of Corrections and medical director for the Wayne County Jails. A medical suite at the State Prison of Southern Michigan in Jackson, MI is named after Dr. Norman. 

He was the recipient of many awards and honors throughout his illustrious career, including being named a recipient of the WSU School of Medicine's Trailblazer Award in 2010. This distinguished award honors outstanding alumni and faculty who have made substantial contributions and demonstrated courage, initiative, innovation, risk-taking, and leadership. In 2011, during the commencement ceremony, Dr. Norman received the WSU School of Medicine's Distinguished Service Award for having served the school with distinction for more than 25 years and for being a driving force for diversity, fairness, and compassion for the underserved. 

Dr. Norman was reserved about such recognition. "To be honored for the service that we give is a distinct privilege and an honor. I think the opportunity to do this work is really a privilege. The community has a right to expect us to give some service," he said upon receiving one of his many recognitions. 

Dr. Norman lived a life dedicated to social justice and worked endlessly to ensure basic human rights for all persons, especially those individuals who did not have a voice. He lived modestly, avoiding a typical doctor's lifestyle and gave generously to the institutions and causes in which he believed. Dr. Samuel Sullivan, current interim president of Paine College noted that, "Dr. Norman's unwavering dedication to his profession and community presents a 'service above self' model for all of us to emulate and aspire to. At Paine College, we honor his legacy by continuing to prepare students for meaningful careers and community engagement."

Dr. Norman loved music, the arts, and traveling. Anyone who had the good fortune to hear Dr. Norman sing knew that he had a voice that rolled like thunder. He lent his musical talent to Detroit's critically-acclaimed Brazeal Dennard Chorale which won gold and silver medals at the 2012 World Choir Games.

About Paine College

Paine College sits on 64 acres located in the heart of Augusta, Georgia. The Mission of Paine College, a church-related private institution, is to provide a liberal arts education of the highest quality that emphasizes academic excellence, ethical and spiritual values, social responsibility, and personal development to prepare men and women for positions of leadership and service in the African American community, the nation, and the world.

Paine College to Host 2015 Coronation Ceremony

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The coronation of Mr. and Miss Paine College 2015 - 2016, will be held on Wednesday, October 14, 2015, at 7 pm in the Gilbert-Lambuth Memorial Chapel on the campus of Paine College. This year’s theme, “Remember the Time, An Egyptian Love Story,” will unite past king and queens of Paine College and visiting royalty from surrounding schools, colleges, and universities. Mr. Early Eckles and Miss Ijeoma Alston will take their places as student ambassadors for the academic school year.

About Miss Ijeoma Alston

Alston serves as Miss Paine College 2015-2016. She is a native of Toronto, Canada. She is the daughter of Bell and Franca Onyori. Alston is a senior English major. Since her arrival at Paine College, she has been actively involved in a number of activities and organizations including Pre-Alumni Council, English Club, Wesley Fellowship, and Collegiate 100. She has held leadership positions as Chief of Staff for Student Government Association 2014-2015, Resident Hall Assistant, and currently serves as a member of the Paine College Student Government. 

During her reign, Alston plans to focus on executing her platform titled “Restoring Faith.” The purpose of her platform is to encourage her fellow peers to bring back confidence in their institution, as well as themselves and their ability to be great. Her main focus is to make sure that the student body voices their concerns and presents ideas in order to transform and rebuild their beloved institution. Alston also wants to enlighten her fellow Paineites in the areas of professionalism, intellectual growth, career development and, dressing for success! Alston plans to attend Law school immediately following graduation and her ultimate career goal is to become Speaker of House for Congress. 

About Mr. Early Eckles

Early Eckles is a native of Florence, South Carolina. He currently serves as Mr. Paine College 2015-2016. He is a Senior, sociology major with an emphasis in criminology. He is involved in other extracurricular activities such as Pre-Alumni Council, Collegiate 100 black men of America inc., and numerous clubs and organizations. In the past, he has served as Mr. UNCF. He is a merit and Georgia HOPE scholar. His hobbies include reading, cars, and learning. His post-graduate plans are to pursue a J.D. degree in criminal law. His ultimate career goal is to become a state attorney one day. He firmly stands on the platform "Revitalizing H.O.P.E for the Paine College male." H.O.P.E is an acronym which stands for Helping Others Pursue Excellence. He plans to carry out that platform by holding a conference just for the males of Paine College while also demonstrating what it means to be a Paine College man. He lives by the motto: Why be great when you have the ability to be greater than the greatest."

For more information contact Tonya Williams in the Office of Communications & Marketing at (706) 396 - 7591 or