The United Methodist Church Reaffirms Commitment to Support Paine College -- Donates $250,000 Gift to Benefit Student Housing

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The United Methodist Church’s Division of Higher Education and Ministry reaffirmed its commitment to support Paine College during a press conference held on campus in Candler Memorial Library. Reverend James Cason, Senior Pastor of First United Methodist Church in Statesboro, Georgia, along with United Methodist clergy, laity and members gathered on the morning of July 22, 2016 to publicly endorse Paine College. Reverend Cason, a member of the Paine College Board of Trustees, announced a gift of $250,000.00 on behalf of the United Methodist Church (UMC). President Samuel Sullivan, members of the Paine College Board of Trustees, administration, faculty, staff, students and friends applauded the generous gift that will be utilized in part to refurbish student housing.

“Since June 2006, the Division of Higher Education and Ministry has contributed $8,752,436.00 to Paine College,” said Reverend Cason. “This additional gift of $250,000.00 is a testament of the United Methodist Church’s belief in Paine’s mission and values.”

Dr. John W. Wells, Associate General Secretary of the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry, said in a written statement, “We admire the courage and determination of the alumni, faculty, staff, trustees and students as they unite to ensure the continuation of the long tradition of a liberal arts education. It is our hope that the funds provided by the United Methodist Church might continue to allow the college to facilitate the transformation of its students into proud alumni and strong citizens of character.”

Attorney Barbara E. Bouknight, Chairman of the Paine College Board of Trustees, said the faith-based community has been overwhelmingly supportive of Paine. She also stated that the Trustees are committed to providing corrective measures that will stabilize and increase the College’s net assets while implementing strategies that will align the College’s projected revenue with operational expenses.

Reverend Cason told of the historical linkage between Paine College and the Methodist Episcopal Church South which is the forerunner of The United Methodist Church. “The Bishops and clergy of the Methodist Episcopal Church South and the Colored Methodist Episcopal Church came together to form the first interracial board in the country and developed a school of higher learning,” said Reverend Cason. “Fast forward 134 years later. The Bishops, clergy and members of the UMC and the CME church are still standing strong in support of Paine College.”

"It is imperative that the white and black communities continue to work together to maintain the legacy of Paine College," he said. “I believe in Paine College and I believe that we dare not lose the opportunity to provide a quality education for the students who choose to attend our institution."

“The support we have witnessed has been heartwarming,” said President Sullivan. “It is clear that the United Methodist Church family believe as we do that Paine College matters to the community. This gift advances the College on the path of fiscal solvency.”

Attorney Michael Thurmond, Chair-elect of the Trustee Board, reminded the audience that the College appealed the decision made by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to lift Paine’s membership due to non-compliance in three areas. He assured the audience that Paine would maintain its current accreditation during the appeal process. Also, the College will continue to qualify for Title IV and Title III funding while offering federal financial aid to students during the appeal process.

To learn more about the GBHEM and its mission, visit  For more information about Paine College, contact the Office of Communications and Marketing at 706.396.7591 or visit


The United Methodist Church's Division of Higher Education and Ministry will reaffirm its commitment to support Paine College

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The United Methodist Church's Division of Higher Education and Ministry will reaffirm its commitment to support Paine College during a press conference on Friday, July 22, 2016, at 10:00 a.m., in Candler Memorial Library, 2nd Floor, on the campus of Paine College. The public is invited to attend.   The United Methodist Church leadership of the South Georgia Conference will present a major gift to Paine College on behalf of the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry. A portion of the donation will be utilized to refurbish the dormitories and/or the student center.   Paine College leadership will provide updates regarding the College's Accreditation Appeal process.


Reverend James Cason, Senior Pastor of Statesboro First United Methodist Church, and member of the Paine College Board of Trustees  

Attorney Michael Thurmond, Board Chair-elect, Paine College Board of Trustees  

Dr. Samuel Sullivan, President, Paine College


WHEN:      Friday, July 22, 2016   at 10:00 a.m. (Doors will open to the public at 9:00 a.m.)

WHERE:      Inside Candler Memorial Library, second floor

Dr. Tantiana Burns Receives Evelyn Berry Teacher of the Year Award for Excellence and Innovation in Classroom Education

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Dr. Tantiana Burns, Assistant Professor of Biology, received the Evelyn Berry Teacher of the Year Award for excellence in classroom education and having mentored students majoring in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). She has devoted much of her time to serving as a faculty mentor in undergraduate research focusing on bioremediation of Benzo-a-pyrene, a known carcinogen using an algal and fungal system at Paine College. Currently, Dr. Burns works with students on a project that analyzes soil samples from select locations in the Central Savannah River Area. She guides students in developing research protocols, gathering records and data, and recording outcomes. Undergraduate STEM research has been proven to motivate students to pursue careers in the STEM workforce and better prepare them for advanced studies.

The Evelyn Berry award was created to recognize faculty who have completed a minimum of three years of service to the College and have the ability to make material important and relevant to current life. .  The Evelyn Berry award comes with a cash gift. Dr. Burns motivates students to stay on the path to successfully completing STEM undergraduate degrees while challenging them to embrace research.    

Since receiving the award during Paine’s Commencement Convocation held in May 2016, many of her students have graduated and are now on the path to pursuing advanced degrees in STEM-related areas.    

Dr. Samuel Sullivan, President of Paine College, said, “Dr. Burns’ dedication to students and her ability to engage them in an interactive stimulating learning environment makes her stand out amongst world-class educators.”

Dr. Burns has been a full-time Biology instructor and mentor for students at Paine College since 2013. In addition to teaching classes and conducting research, she manages fellowships and internships for students who pursue experiences outside of the classroom and renders professional services on several committees at Paine. Furthermore, she serves on the College’s Honors, Scholarships and Awards Committee, selects students for academic scholarships, and coordinates the Annual Honors Day Program. She also serves on the Faculty Courtesies and Presidential Appeals Committees. 

Dr. Burns is the campus coordinator for the Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) program that is designed to increase the quality and quantity of students who successfully complete STEM baccalaureate degrees with a focus on increasing the number of students to academically qualify for graduate school.  

Her colleagues have commented that she is a naturally gifted teacher who is committed to excellence and student success. She spends much of her time during the summer mentoring and guiding high school students in various research areas. One of the summer research projects looked at the effect of Ethanol concentrations in Gasoline. Dr. Burns passes on her passion for curiosity to her students. She encourages them to embark upon the path of exploration and discovery in and out of the classroom. 

She said, “I want my students to develop a burning desire for research and exploration”. “Innovative teaching styles help students to stay motivated and interested in STEM fields. Every day, it is my hope that I have inspired students to aspire and motivated them to rise to levels of excellence. The most valuable amenity that a professor can offer to students is his/her time.” 

Dr. Maya Angelou’s quote, “nothing will work unless you do”, has undergirded Dr. Burns’ work ethics for many years. “I have often communicated to my students that if they want to succeed, they must do the work,” said Dr. Burns. “I am hopeful that they will integrate this concept into their work ethics and ongoing research.” 

Lastly, Dr. Burns stated, “I am honored that my peers have selected me to receive this prestigious award.”  “It is my wish that my students will continue to put in the work that is required to achieve high levels of excellence in advanced STEM-related studies and stay on the path to rewarding professions in the STEM workforce.” 

Dr. Burns earned her Bachelors of Science degree in Biology from South Carolina State University in 2002 and completed her doctoral studies in Toxicology from University of Georgia in 2008. She is the co-author of several scientific publications on toxicology. Her dissertation is titled: Fate of the Mycotoxin Fumonisin B1 during Alkaline Cooking of Cultured and Whole Kernel Corn. 

Dr. Burns is the daughter of Iris and Jeffrey Burns of Augusta, Georgia. 



Story written by By Helene T. Carter.

For more information about STEM programs at Paine College, visit, or contact the Office of Communications and Marketing at 706.396.7591. For additional inquiries regarding Dr. Burns’ research and publications, contact her at 706.495.2338 or email:

The Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Donates $1,000,000 to Paine College

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Gift Moves College Closer to Fiscal Solvency                               

Augusta, Ga….The Christian Methodist Episcopal (CME) Church clergy, in a show of solidarity, gathered at Paine College on the morning of June 29, 2016 in the Gilbert-Lambuth Memorial Chapel to rally support for the institution that has served the CSRA/Augusta community and the nation for 134 years. Bishop Kenneth W. Carter, Presiding Prelate for the Sixth Episcopal District, and CME Clergy presented a check in the amount of $1,000,000 to Dr. Samuel Sullivan, President, Board Chair Attorney Barbara E. Bouknight, and to Board Chair-elect Attorney Michael Thurmond. The presentation of the over-sized symbolic check drew a deafening round of applause from Paine faculty, staff, students, alumni, trustees and friends. 

Bishop Carter, joined by the CME Clergy and members, said, “Any institution that has stood the test of time such as Paine College will face challenges. But in the challenge is where we find strength, we find resolve, where strong men and women are made stronger. The ties that bind the CME Church to Paine are strong and unbreakable.”

Bishop Carter recounted the historical ties that bound Paine and the CME Church. He told of the founding of Paine College and the roles that were played by CME preacher Lucious Holsey and the leaders of the Methodist Episcopal Church South. “Paine College had the first interracial board and proved to the nation that blacks and whites could work together for a higher cause,” said Bishop Carter who also pointed out that Lucious Holsey later served as pastor for Historic Trinity CME Church in Augusta. 

“The College of Bishops, led by Senior Bishop Lawrence Reddick along with CME pastors and laity throughout the nation and the world want it known that we stand with Paine College and we are prayerful and confident that this institution will ride this brief storm and will emerge stronger and better,” pronounced Bishop Carter. “To ensure and sustain Paine’s future, the College of Bishops earmarked this gift of $1 million for the College’s endowment,” he said.

President Sullivan thanked the CME Church leadership and members for supporting the institution and its students. “This act of generosity gives our students one more reason to stay the course at Paine College,” said President Sullivan. “This gift will have a lasting impact on the College’s future and will allow us to further stabilize operations of the College,” said Dr. Sullivan.

“Our offices are flooded with calls from parents and students who want to know the implications and the impact of this donation on the College’s future,” said Charles Singley, Director of Admissions. My colleagues and I are grateful to the CME Church for giving on this level. This demonstrates that people genuinely care about Paine and our students.”

Kornelius Taylor, a junior majoring in Business Administration, commented, “I am sincerely moved by this act of support for my Alma Mater. Many of my classmates and I are looking forward to returning this fall and completing our course requirements toward graduating in May 2017 with a degree that is accredited.”

“The tide is turning,” said Attorney Thurmond who graduated from Paine College. “We are witnessing an increase in giving and support even during these challenging times.

The College surpassed its initial goal of charitable giving of $3.1 million and reached $4,129, 642.00 as of June 27th.  Supporters have fulfilled $1,084,571.00 toward $1,933,395.00 in total pledges. As of June 7th, the College had 757 new donors since the beginning of the fiscal cycle on July 1, 2015. Overall giving is up 55% over last year.

Recently, the Paine College Board of Trustees along with Dr. Sullivan announced that the College would appeal the decision made by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to lift Paine’s membership. Paine will maintain its current accreditation during the appeal process. Also, the College will qualify for Title IV and Title III funding and will be able to offer federal financial aid to students.

“We look forward to presenting new evidence to SACSCOC that we are moving toward fiscal solvency and sustainability,” said Attorney Bouknight who was acknowledged for steering the historic gift to Paine. The CME Church’s gift will increase Paine’s net assets and strengthen the College’s endowment.

“Alumni and friends have made numerous sacrifices in their efforts to support Paine and, by doing so, have demonstrated trust in the College’s ability to manage their investments responsibly,” said Dr. Sullivan. Alumni giving is up 28% and the percentage of friends who give to the College is up 37%. The faith-based community from which Paine College emerged has rallied unwavering support. Giving from religious organizations is up 113%. 

“Now is the time for our constituents to continue its support of Paine College,” urged Dr. Sullivan. We encourage those who have made pledges to fulfill them by contacting the Office of Institutional Advancement at 706.821.8233. 

For more information about Paine College, contact the Office of Communications and Marketing at 706.396.7591 or visit


Story written by Helene T .Carter.



Jerome and Brenda Jones – Generosity Transforming Lives at Paine College

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“The need to support Paine College is real and the time to give is now,” commented Jerome. “I cannot imagine the Augusta community without Paine College.”

Story by Helene T. Carter

Augusta, Ga…At first glance, Mr. and Mrs. Jerome and Brenda Jones appear to be ordinary hardworking people quietly going about their business living everyday lives.  A closer look will reveal that they are not quite so ordinary. The Joneses have learned the secret to a happy and prosperous life. God is at the foundation of their existence while giving is interwoven throughout the fabric of their lives.  “We believe that God has truly blessed us and through our blessing, we owe it to God to give back,” said Jerome.  The Joneses were able to turn a start-up construction business into a successful venture that has served the Peach state since 1989.  He is especially proud of the 2002 Georgia District 8a Minority Business Person of the Year award from the U.S. Small Business Administration. The award exemplified successful minority entrepreneurship. 

Jerome attributes much of the success of J & B Construction Company to his wife who supported his vision to go into business.  He was employed as a construction leader for approximately 16 years and also served in a supervisory position at Plant Vogtle. During that time, he gained valuable experience about project management and construction.

Humility, meshed with generosity, is evident in the spirit of their giving. They don’t seek publicity for their generosity and are often shy about receiving recognition and applause during public events for their philanthropy.

Along with her experience in the classroom, Brenda served as principal of Brookwood Elementary School until she retired in 2012.  She had served over 40 years in the field of education.  Her belief that all students should have access to a quality education combined with his desire to pay it forward produced a healthy spirit for giving to Paine College.

Paying it forward is an ever-present mantra in their household. Jerome has served as a mentor to many contractors, especially those who desired to venture into the business. Although retired from the public school system, Brenda continues to mentor and steer young people on the path of pursuing an education.

“During the early days, I was fortunate to have people around me who shared resources that helped me to succeed,” said Jerome.  Someone introduced me to the U.S. Small Business Administration that played a key role in my education of managing a business.  I feel that it is my duty to impart the knowledge to those who truly desire to venture into entrepreneurship. God opened doors for me and now it is a privilege to open doors for others by giving to an institution that has served the community since 1882.”

Mrs. Juanita Harps, Executive Assistant to the President at Paine College, introduced the Joneses to her employer in 2003.  Serving on the planning committee for the annual Scholarship Masked Ball, Mrs. Harps invited the Joneses to make a one-time gift to the fundraising event.  The Joneses happily made a donation of $3,500.  However, the Joneses’ one-time gift evolved into multiple gifts to the College over the years. They have given over $130,000 of their personal funds and served as ambassadors by facilitating additional gifts from their friends and business partners.

“They are regular people like you and me,” said Juanita who affectionately refers to Brenda as her BFF. “I’ve witnessed Jerome and Brenda go out of their way to help others in need. They have always supported the church, the community, and the family.”  “They work as partners to ensure that they reach downward to give others a hand upward,” said Juanita.  Since the Joneses’ initial gift to the Masked Ball in 2003, the College has recognized them as the top donor or sponsor for the event.

Dr. Samuel Sullivan, President, said, “The Joneses perfectly fit the description of what it means to be philanthropists.”  “They give their time, talent and treasures while taking action for the common good.”

During one of President Sullivan’s public appeals to the community to support the Build it Back Campaign, the Joneses instantly responded with a gift of $15,000.  The ongoing campaign addresses immediate and critical needs of the College.

They are convinced that Paine College will never stop transforming lives.  “A Paine College education is a gift that keeps on giving to the community,” said Jerome. “It gives Brenda and me satisfaction and joy to see students or graduates who may have benefited from the likes of our giving and from the generosity of many others.” 

“The need to support Paine College is real and the time to give is now,” commented Jerome. “I cannot imagine the Augusta community without Paine College.”

Residents of Harlem, Georgia, they worship at Second Mt. Moriah Baptist Church in Harlem. The couple serves on community and civic boards as well as other committees.

The Joneses are the parents of two daughters (Tamara and Valerie).  They have four grandchildren.


For more information about Paine College, contact the Office of Communications and Marketing at 706.396.7591, or via email: For ways to make a donation to the College, please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement located in Haygood-Holsey Hall, Room 115, 1235 Fifteenth Street, Augusta, Georgia 30901, or call Ms. Sunya L. Young at 706.821.8233.

Paine College will Appeal Decision by Accrediting Commission Accreditation Status Unaffected During Appeal Process

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By Helene Carter

Augusta, GA….Dr. Samuel Sullivan, President of Paine College, along with Attorney Barbara E. Bouknight, Chair of the Paine College Board of Trustees, announced today that the College will appeal the decision by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to remove Paine as a member of the association.
This course of action will ensure that the College maintains its current accreditation status during the appeal process. “Although we respect their decision, we will pursue and avail ourselves of all appeal rights available to us,” said Dr. Sullivan. Paine College has not lost its accreditation. During the appeal process, the College will be able to qualify for Title IV and Title III funding. The College will still be able to offer federal financial aid to students.

“Paine College will not close, instead the College will operate with its accreditation during the appeal process giving the Institution sufficient time to address the remaining deficiencies that were identified during the meeting with the SACSCOC Review Board,” said Attorney Michael Thurmond, Vice Chair-elect of the Paine College Board of Trustees. “The remaining issues only involve financial stability and sustainability.”
Dr. Sullivan stated that the College’s academic programs remain strong and Paine would continue to offer a quality education to students.
“We are confident that with our submission of additional evidence regarding the strategy to improve financial conditions at the College, our appeal will be successful,” said Dr. Sullivan. “Now, more than ever, is the time for the public to give to Paine College to ensure that the College is financially solvent. As we move forward, we will make adjustments in the College’s budget to reflect the Institution’s needs while reducing expenditures.”
“We are optimistic that the College is moving in the right direction and on the path to successfully addressing the Institution’s fiscal challenges,” said Attorney Thurmond.

Message of Thanks from Paine College - By: Samuel Sullivan, Ph.D., President of Paine College published in the Sunday Edition of the Augusta Chronicle on June 12, 2016

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Over the past six months, many of us at Paine College have worked tirelessly to secure the funding needed to keep our doors open and to rebuild and restructure our operations for sustainability and success. Just weeks ago, we reservedly began a collective cheer of relief as we were able to witness yet another class of outstanding Paine College students complete their degrees. Moreover, these students graduated from Paine knowing that the College continues to be fully accredited and that their degrees hold value in the greater community.  

Included among those who graduated were students who are the first in their families to attend college. They marched and graduated while relatives, young and old, watched with immense pride, joy and an elevated sense of possibilities. What a great time for Paine, our Augusta community, our state, and the nation!  

A renewed Paine College is being born and we could not have accomplished this momentous feat without the unwavering support of many individuals and organizations. We owe a debt of gratitude to local radio, television, and newspaper outlets for continuing to shine a light on who we are and the successes we have had, both recently and historically. The faith-based community from which we sprang and to which we continue to be so closely attached, has been extremely supportive and generous of Paine. Business leaders across the City of Augusta recognized early on the essential role Paine College plays in the local economy and have voiced their support for the College, while local government officials have spoken up on Paine's behalf at critical junctures, as well. Our students, alumni, faculty and staff have sacrificed so much for Paine College and they, along with our Board of Trustees, are more committed than ever to the College's success. Many, many friends of Paine College have stepped forward to give of their time and efforts, and to make donations to the College - many doing so for the first time. Finally, people from all across Georgia and all over the country have sent in financial support... one dollar at a time.  

Our struggle is not yet over; neither is our resolve. At the end of 2014, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commissions on Colleges (SACSCOC) found that Paine College faced ten areas of noncompliance with its accreditation standards. In just over one year, through our collective efforts, seven of the sanctions were successfully addressed and only three issues remain for full compliance - financial resources; financial stability; and control of sponsored research/external funds. We must meet compliance requirements of these remaining sanctions by June 30, 2016. To address the financial challenges, the College of Bishops of the Christian Methodist Episcopal (CME) Church has made a remarkable pledge of $1 million to Paine College! The CME has committed to fulfilling the generous pledge within the next 12 months. In addition, the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM) of the United Methodist Church also made a considerable pledge of $350,000 to Paine College! The GBHEM pledge is expected to be fulfilled within a two-week period. While these considerable gifts have gotten us closer to our fundraising goal of $3.5 million, the College must still raise an additional $1 million by June 30th in order to satisfy immediate financial needs.  

We fully realize that your support includes implicit expectations - expectations that we will maintain an excellent, sustainable and accountable program of higher education; that we will be much better stewards of the resources we generate to finance our operations; and that we will graduate practice-ready students with the skillset to serve as motivated and innovative leaders within our communities. We welcome these expectations as they reflect the values that guide every facet of current operations at Paine. Further we do not take the confidence that you've placed in us for granted - confidence in the ability of our students; confidence in the skills of our faculty; confidence in the dedication of our staff, confidence in the direction of our leadership and, most important, confidence in the future of Paine College.  

On behalf of all of us here at Paine College, THANK YOU! Your contributions are helping and your prayers are working. Because of you, we are making tremendously progress in rebuilding and rebranding Paine College.


Photo: President Samuel Sullivan, Ph.D., President of Paine College

Trinity Christian Methodist Episcopal Church to host Civil Rights Icon Congressman John Lewis in Celebratory Worship Service

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Trinity Christian Methodist Episcopal Church cordially invites you to a special worship service on Sunday, June 12th at 9:00 a.m. with guest speaker Civil Rights icon, Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient Congressman John Lewis.

The service is part of the 20th Pastoral Anniversary of Reverend Herman “Skip" Mason, Jr. in the C.M.E. Church. The Trinity family would be honored to have you present to hear and meet this American treasure John Lewis. Bring your children so they can witness and see the last surviving member of the planning committee and speaker at the March on Washington and one of the original marchers of "Bloody Sunday" that was the Selma to Montgomery march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge. Mr. Lewis was beaten unconscious by Alabama’s State troopers at the bridge in 1965. He suffered a fractured skull from the Blood Sunday beating, the scar of which is visible to this day. The incident was one of three Selma-to-Montgomery marches for voting rights, and the efforts led to passage of the Voting Rights Act.

Samuel Fudge, actor, will give a rousing oratory of Dr. Martin L. King, Jr.’s response to the question Do You Get Angry? The recent Paine College graduate appeared in the movie “Selma” and was among the cast that re-enacted the historical marches in Selma, Alabama.

Trinity CME Church is located at 2930 Glenn Hills Drive, Augusta, Georgia 30906. The afternoon service will commence at 3:00 p.m. and will feature Reverend Andre Loyd, Pastor of West Side Community C.M.E. Church. All are invited to share in one or both of the services. For more information, call 706.796.2550, or visit

Photo Caption: John Lewis on Edmund Pettus Bridge



Sent on Behalf of Trinity C.M.E. Church

Media Contact: Rev. Herman “Skip” Mason, Pastor

Trinity C.M.E. 706.796.2550 –

Paine College Trustees Announce Major Gifts During Press Conference The Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Commits $1,000,000 to Paine College General Board of Higher Education & Ministry of the United Methodist Church Commits $350,000 to Paine

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By Helene T. Carter

Augusta, GaMembers of the Paine College Board of Trustees, representatives of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, and the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry of the United Methodist Church, along with President Samuel Sullivan stood united as they announced their plan to move the College in the direction of fiscal solvency and drive the Institution on the path to full compliance with the Principles of Accreditation of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). The trustees held the press conference on Tuesday, May 24th at 10:00 a.m. inside the HEAL Complex.  

Bishop Marshall Gilmore, trustee emeritus, drew a round of applause as he announced a commitment of $1,000,000 on behalf of the College of Bishops of the Christian Methodist Episcopal (CME) Church. The CME Church will fulfill the $1 million commitment within 12 months.   

Dr. Cynthia Bond Hopson, Assistant Secretary General of The Black College Fund, pledged $350,000 to the College on behalf of the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM) of the United Methodist Church. The GBHEM has consistently rendered support to Paine College over the years. 

Attorney Barbara E. Bouknight, Chair of the Paine College Board of Trustees, said,” During the spring meeting of the governing body, we unanimously adopted a strategy and a plan that included changes in Board leadership, changes in College leadership, restructuring the board membership and the implementation of a governance structure that will facilitate a culture of accountability and transparency.” She further commented, “This means that the Trustees are fully engaged and committed to taking full responsibility for correcting any and all fiscal and managerial shortfalls that have faced the College during the last three years.”  

Attorney Michael Thurmond, Chair-elect, solicited the audience to become involve in the process of preserving and sustaining the College. He announced that the College had raised more than $2,540,000 toward its $3.1 million goal for the fiscal cycle July 2015 to June 30, 2016.  Attorney Thurmond invited the community to participate in the “Be 1of 1,000” campaign. The fundraising campaign has the potential of yielding more than $1,000,000 by June 30, 2016. 

“The urgency is now,” said Attorney Thurmond. “It matters that we give now to demonstrate to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges that we love and support this great institution that has played a significant role in our lives and in our communities.” 

Attorney Thurmond made it clear that the Trustees would work with the College to develop ongoing development programs that would allow the College to remain financially stable. 

President Samuel Sullivan said that he was humbled by the outpouring of support from the College’s constituents. He stated that recently, a local theologian donated $50,000 and within weeks of that gift, the pastor made another donation of $27,000. Dr. Sullivan expressed his gratitude to Paine alumni, churches, and friends who hosted events to assist the College. 

The trustees thanked Dr. Sullivan for his leadership during the College’s challenging times. “Under Dr. Sullivan’s leadership, SACSCOC lifted seven of the ten areas of non-compliance that faced the Institution.” 

The College must comply with the Principles of Accreditation of three remaining areas: 1) financial resources, 2) financial stability, and 3) control of sponsored research/external funds. 

Dr. Sullivan echoed Attorney Thurmond’s appeal. “It is important that we give now. “Paine must raise an additional $1 million by June 30, 2016 to ensure that the College has surplus funds for ongoing operations.” 

“My primary goal is to keep the doors open to provide an accessible and quality education for students,” said Dr. Sullivan.  “I am convinced that we can work together to achieve this most important goal.”  

For more information about ways to support Paine College, please contact Ms. Sunya L. Young in the Office of Institutional Advancement at 706.821.8233 or via email:

Paine College Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Popular Free Chemistry Summer Camp

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This year, Paine College marks the 10th anniversary of its summer chemistry camp, which covers the basic concepts of Chemistry through instruction and demonstration. For the past nine years, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Physics & Environmental Sciences, Dr. Sardar Yousufzai, has dedicated his summer to helping students in the CSRA be better prepared and excel in middle and secondary chemistry classes. During this period, the number of participants grew from a meager two to over 120 students in 2015. 

Approximately 12 years ago, one of Dr. Yousufzai’s friends asked him to visit the Richmond County public school system to render an assessment of classroom conditions and observe classes in session.  One of the fifth-grade science teachers asked him to talk to the students about his career as a professor of chemistry at Paine College. 

When he asked students about their future career goals, he was amazed that most of the students wanted to pursue careers in professional football, music, television, film but none of them chose professions in teaching, education and absolutely none of them referenced chemistry, engineering and technology.

From that day, he took an interest in teaching and engaging those students who primarily came from minority and socio-disadvantaged groups. Dr.  Yousufzai began would become a series of free summer chemistry classes at Paine College.  He began by teaching the basic concepts of science and chemistry to elementary students.

Eventually, he was introduced to middle school students where he demonstrated color changes through chemical reactions followed by a half-paged survey addressed to each student. “I would like to share my experiences in teaching Chemistry to minority students.” Said, Dr. Yousufzai,” In offering my Summer Chemistry course, one of my goals is to help students build confidence by making Chemistry more approachable. My teaching method has had a positive effect not only on their grades but also has demystified the subject.”

Dr. Yousefzai teaches the free classes in the same facilities where he has taught Biochemistry and General Chemistry for over 15 years. In class, he explains the concept of the periodic table, properties of matter, formulas, equations, and conversions.   He encourages students to eat nutritious foods as he explains compounds in foods.  

Throughout this nine-year period, Dr. Yousefzai has come to know numerous teachers, principals, parents, and students. Teachers, upon meeting Dr. Yousefzai, usually comment how students were no longer afraid of chemistry and some even embraced their classes.

Parents are invited to audit the classes and participate in a closing seminar where students are given awards and recognition for their individual research, projects, and performance.

Dr. Yousufzai is now accepting students for the 2016 course.  The course will take place on the Paine College campus in Haygood-Holsey Hall, room 220. There are separate sessions for Middle school and High school students. Middle School students will meet on Monday & Wednesday from 10 am - 11 am and High School will meet on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 10 am - 11 am. Space is limited. To enroll a student, please click here: