Prepare To Compete Globally At Paine College - Leading in the 21st Century Leadership Conference

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Augusta, GA --Paine College will host its annual 2014 Leadership Conference on Thursday, October 9th from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. in Gandy Richardson Auditorium, Haygood Holsey Hall.  The Conference will focus on providing cutting edge knowledge and strategies to prepare competitive leaders in the 21st Century. The conference will feature prominent frontrunners in the areas of entrepreneurship, global virtual leadership, ethical leadership, and lean six sigma leadership.  All current or aspiring entrepreneurs, professionals, and leaders in the Augusta community who want to transform their businesses and acquire knowledge for a positive change are invited to attend.

This day-long interactive forum takes a progressive approach to make transparent and bring about applicability to the innovative business strategies researched and tested to lead in today’s market, capitalizing on the changes in the way we communicate and conduct business through the multitude of advancements in technology and society. The strategies presented will positively impact your business profit/loss statements while improving the system your organization uses to reach objectives or flow more efficiently.

The School of Professional Studies is implementing a proactive approach in which attendees are able to submit questions and topics prior to the event and conference leaders will give instant feedback. The conference participant is guaranteed to receive personalized tactics that will best suit the needs of the individual and/or the organization.

Being equipped for Leading in the 21st Century is the goal and will be the outcome of this conference.

For more information, please contact Brittney Middleton in the School of Professional Studies at 706.396.8160,

The Dream Maker: The Significance of the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) - OP-ED, by Leadra M. Collins

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I bet you didn’t know that Disney World and the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) have something in common?  Well, believe it or not, they do.  Just like Disney World, the UNCF makes dreams come true.  Believe me, the UNCF made mine come true.

During the UNCF’s 70 years of existence, the organization has provided over $4 billion in scholarships to help more than 400,000 students realize their dreams by earning degrees across the country.  My dream came true in 2003.  As a product of a single parent home, I remember the day my mother and I discussed my matriculation at Fisk University.  Before the government implemented cuts to Parent Plus Loans, she said, “I’ll do whatever I can to get you there, but I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to do after that”.  So I enrolled in Fisk University, and I worked hard to stay there.  UNCF was that vessel, serving the educational needs of students like me who would not have had an opportunity to get the education they needed.  

Historically, since 1882, Paine College has played a very unique role in the nation’s educational environment by preparing generations of educators, doctors, lawyers, scientists, community leaders, and other professionals who have made significant contributions in the country’s workforce.  Based on testimony rendered during a U.S. Senate hearing by UNCF President and CEO, Dr. Michael L.  Lomax, “HBCU’s are a “best buy” for students and the nation”.  This is why it is important for us to continue to support UNCF because it continues to supports us.

Just like other majority institutions, Paine College has faced fiscal challenges which are in part due to recent reductions in federal funding.  Paine College and other HBCU’s across the nation have experienced reductions of more than $250 million in Parent Plus Loans, Pell Grants, and other sources of critical federal funding.   Paine College students rely upon Pell Grants and Parent Plus Loans like thousands of students throughout the country. These drastic cuts have resulted in major financial crises for many of our institutions.  Even in the midst of the nation’s economic woes, UNCF has worked diligently to support educational resources and scholarships for its member institutions.  UNCF gives approximately $100 million in scholarships annually to over 12,000 students.  This demonstrates just why UNCF is significant to HBCU’s like Paine College.  The UNCF, just like Paine College, helps to even the playing ground and offers access to a quality education to deserving students.

In the last few years and as the economy weakened, Paine College, like many colleges and universities, has witnessed an exodus of students due to the lack of resources.  I found myself in that same predicament during my tenure at Fisk University, but I was awarded an UNCF scholarship that changed my life and helped to charter a successful course towards earning my bachelor’s degree.  Had it not been for the support I received from UNCF, I would not be able to proudly say that I am a college graduate.  UNCF answered my call for help then, and in 2009, it answered the call for help from others by establishing the Campaign for Emergency Student Aid which has raised over $20 million to pay outstanding tuition fees so that students could remain in school and graduate.  

Because of UNCF, today I am proud to say that I am Director of Development for Paine College and the Coordinator for the Augusta UNCF Campaign.  For 132 years, Paine College has been the “gateway to the world” where students can “get anywhere from here”.  It is my hope that Paine will remain in the community for another 132 years with the continued support of UNCF and people who believe as I do that “a mind is a terrible thing to waste, but a wonderful thing to invest in”.  


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The Peach State Commanders of the Rite (PSCOR), under the Georgia Council of Deliberation of which the Honorable S.G.I.G. Primis T. James serves as Deputy of the Orient of Georgia, presented a donation of $1000.00 to the Augusta UNCF Campaign.  The organization has been active in Georgia for approximately 40 years.

According to local COR of Augusta President, G.I.G. Kirby L. Turner, “Our goal is to support the Deputy in performing is duties acting as ambassador of goodwill within our communities, supporting our local governments, and promoting peace and harmony”.  This organization understands the need for education in the community and supports such causes to aid students in receiving an education.  

Augusta UNCF Coordinator, Leadra Collins stated that she was thrilled to receive the donation from this organization that has had a long standing reputation in the community for supporting youth.  “I can’t begin to tell you how elated I am to have this organization believe as I do that a mind is a terrible thing to waste but a wonderful thing to invest in©”.

“We are giving opportunity and access to deserving students who want to advance their education,” continued Mr. Turner.  And, we encourage others to make gifts to the Paine College to ensure that the College continues to serve as the place for intellectual advancement.”

The Augusta UNCF Campaign is a part of the overall UNCF Campaign and provides support in helping more than 60,000 students each year to attend college and gain access to a quality education.  Individuals or organizations interested in learning more about the Augusta UNCF Campaign and its upcoming events and activities are invited to contact Leadra M. Collins, Director of Institutional Development and Coordinator of the Augusta UNCF Campaign at (706) 821-8322 or via email at


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By Helene Carter

“Don’t just talk about, be about it,” said Paine College alumnus Reverend Melvin Ivey, president of the Baptist Ministers Conference of Augusta, Inc. On June 18th, Reverend Ivey and seven Baptist ministers presented a $15,000 check to Dr. George C. Bradley, President, to establish an endowed scholarship at Paine College. The Baptist Ministers Conference has a history of giving faithfully and generously to Paine College students for over 30 years. “We are here today because the Baptist Ministers Conference of Augusta and our faithful congregations believe that we must be about “walking the walk,” said Reverend Ivey. Paine College touches the entire community and it has always served as a beacon of hope and a place where dreams are fulfilled. Paine will always remain a sound investment.”

“This is the gift that will keep on giving”, commented Reverend Rufus Copeland who proudly announced that he is the father of two daughters who graduated from Paine College.  

“This is a way to strengthen the foundation of the Institution that has nurtured and prepared thousands of students for leadership on the global stage since its inception,” echoed President Bradley.  “A strong endowment ensures the stability of the College and opens a perpetual door to deserving students to obtain equal access to a quality education.”

The College will allow the $15,000 endowed fund to accrue interest for one year before distributing earnings in the form of a scholarship.  The Baptist Ministers Conference of Augusta (BMCA) set the criteria for the award.  The scholarship will be awarded to a rising sophomore, junior or senior of good character with a minimum of a 2.5 grade point average.  The scholarship recipient will be required to volunteer his/her service for the BMCA Tutorial Program.
A strong endowment ensures the stability of the College and offers tuition assistance and scholarships based upon financial need.  Currently, Paine College provides essential scholarship support and tuition assistance to over 95% of the student population.

“We are not just a Church in the community, but a Church that reaches the community,” said Reverend A. J. Saunders, describing the member churches and the BMCA’s mission.  Nodding in approval, Reverend Moses D. Anderson, commented, “We represent the total man (mind, body, and spirit).  And that is why we are here today.  The Church has a purpose and through our relationship with God, we know that supporting Paine College is the right thing to do.”

The BMCA represents 50 churches.  Annually, during February, the BMCA hosts the Baptist Day worship service on the campus to benefit Paine College. The churches convene during this special service to report gifts and donations for the College.  According to Reverend Ivey, the BMCA is committed to increasing the endowed scholarship annually and expect the fund to grow significantly over time.

To establish an endowed or annual scholarship at Paine College, contact Frances D. Wimberly at 706.821.8323,  To learn more about the Baptist Ministers Conference of Augusta, Inc., please contact Reverend Ivey at 706.798.3928, or via email:


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After reviewing the College’s operating policies and procedures, the Paine College community came together to review priorities that are in line with the Campus Strategic Plan and developed a strategy for moving forward.  The leadership identified the following priorities. 


With the growing need for information regarding health in the local community, Paine College has made a concerted effort to partner with local entities to address many of the contemporary health and wellness-related issues that face this community. These initiatives include discussions, classes, and seminars that offer an outreached hand to the needs of our great city.

We held events at the HEAL (Health, Education, Activities and Learning) Complex that educate the community-at-large, from the Hate Crimes forum that brought knowledge and awareness of crimes involving hatred and prejudice to our exciting new Summer Series that incorporates Art, Movies, Fitness and Dance for youth, as well as fitness and a book club for adults. All of these events are absolutely free for the community to attend.


The campus of Paine College will be a smoke free environment to further the institution’s effort in promoting a healthier living environment for students and working environment for faculty and staff.  As of July 1, 2014, Paine College will become a smoke free campus. No tobacco related products will be allowed on campus. Paine College now joins more than 1,300 college and university campuses who have adopted a smoke free policy since 2009. According to the CDC, cigarette smoking kills more than 480,000 Americans each year, with more than 41,000 of these deaths coming from secondhand smoke. Paine College is committed to advocating healthy lifestyles and this is a great step in that direction.  


The leadership of the institution reviewed security policies and practices, and looked at ways to strengthen and maintain a high level of safety on and around the campus. As of July 1, 2014, visible identification will be required for all individuals who enter the campus.  All Paine College faculty, staff, and students will be required to wear their Paine College ID exposed and visitors to the campus will be required to acquire and wear a visitors badge while on campus. 

Additional police officers have been added to Paine College’s safety department and a 24-hour security presence will remain in effect at all vehicle-accessed entrances.  Additional surveillance cameras have been put in strategic places on campus.   The Paine College Police Department has the ability to communicate directly with Richmond County Law Enforcement using special communications equipment.   The campus leadership will continue to monitor these measures and make adjustments as needed. With these additional systems in place, it is important to ensure that Paine College remains a safe learning and living environment.


Paine College’s administration conducted a campus-wide review of the operations and practices of the Institution.  Adjustments are being put in place for better efficiencies and consolidation of services as a part of the restructuring process.  The administration will implement the restructuring strategies over the next 120 days which we expect to save the College $2.4 million over the next fiscal year.  This will ensure that the College runs a system that is cost effective while taking advantage of opportunities to grow the Institution. 

Over the last two years, we have worked with the U.S. Department of Education to provide them with evidence that Paine College is in compliance with their regulations. The regional accrediting body for Paine College is aware of this work.  As we work to demonstrate the efficiency of the organization and implement new internal controls, we look forward to welcoming a great freshman class, while providing a world class education for returning students. 

Paine College Wins Prestigious Technology Award for Best QuickLaunch Single- Sign-On System

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By Helene Carter

How technology is integrated into the day-to-day academic setting depends heavily on professors’ instructional goals and teaching methods.  Paine College uses technology to enhance teaching and learning in its traditional classroom settings and in online environments. 

In 2011, Michael Hicks, Director of Information Technology Services, steered a partnership with CampusEAI Consortium to build the capacity to better support the College’s administrative operations and teaching-learning environments.  The partnership led to an award of $1.6 million value-added technology and support for the College.  Since the formation of the partnership, the College has emerged as the best higher education institution using myCampus QuickLaunch Single-Sign-Ons (SSOs) applications.

Mr. Hicks recently accepted the “Best myCampus QuickLaunch SSO Award” during the 2014 CampusEAI Consortium Members Conference held in Cleveland, Ohio on June 4th.  The CampusEAI Consortium is a global technology services and consulting provider that is focused on cost-effective enterprise IT solutions.  CampusEAI is comprised of over 1,800 institutions from 10 countries.

According to CampusEAI Executive Director, Anjli Jain, “Paine College has become the best by creating a robust myCampus QuickLaunch SSO environment featuring Single Sign On's to Jenzabar, Blackboard, e2Campus, Exchange and Office365.”  Ms. Jain, a much sought-after expert in the field of integrating technology in educational environments, further stated, “Paine has also implemented remote administration for the QuickLaunch SSOs and their public website making the College a new leader in the myCampus SSO environment.” 
As part of the partnership, Mr. Hicks is frequently invited to share lessons learned during iSeminars hosted by CampusEAI for its member institutions.  During the iSeminar held on June 10th, he described the benefits for having implemented the CampusEAI After-Hours Help Desk Support system.  “Prior implementing the CampusEAI after-hours system, we were faced with pulling resources and manpower from other critical-needs areas and applying those resources to respond to the campus community’s requests that occurred after business hours.  With CampusEAI in place, the campus community can request tech support 24/7 and secure assistance from certified technicians who are familiar with the College’s enterprise systems and culture.”  Mr. Hicks further stated that the CampusEAI support system is cost effective.  The cost to provide an onsite technical support staffer after hours is between $30,000 and $40,000 per year versus the cost to implement the 24/7 CampusEAI support system at $9,000 per year.

Dr. George C. Bradley, President, commented on the significance of the technology award. “Enhancing the technological infrastructure will help to strengthen our vision of moving the College to that of a premier liberal arts institution.  As we are guided by the Institution’s Strategic Plan in our day-to-day operations, it is critical that the College keeps pace with technological advancements in order to foster stimulating environments that are conducive for teaching, learning and in support of the College’s operations.”
For more information about Paine College, please visit or contact the Office of Communications and Marketing at 706.396.7591,   

Photo Caption: CampusEAI Executive Director, Anjli Jain, presents “Best myCampus QuickLaunch SSO Award” to Michael Hicks, Director of Information Technology.

U.S. Department of Education Renews Paine College Upward Bound 2014-2015 Federal Grant Award for $444,955 Augusta, GA

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Today, Paine College officials announced that the U.S. Department of Education renewed the College’s TRIO Upward Bound Program for fiscal year 2014-2015 and will award $444,955 to fund the outreach program that serves students from Richmond County schools and surrounding areas.  In its third year of the grant cycle, the Upward Bound program will be renewed for a total of five years, pending the program’s performance.

The Upward Bound program is part of the Federal TRIO Programs which are specifically designed outreach programs geared toward increasing the secondary school graduation rate for disadvantaged youth.

Through the Upward Bound, Paine College exposes high school students who are most often from low income families to postsecondary education. One student participating for the second year, Tabias Wright, a junior at the Academy of Richmond County, says that “This experience has meant the world to me. It gives us a different experience outside of high school.”

The program includes math, science, English, and foreign language. Students also receive assistance with steps needed to apply for college like financial aid and entrance exams.

Upward Bound Director, Chellita Carlyle, who participated in the same program 19 years ago now leads the program that is making a difference in the lives of many students who are gaining pre-college experience in a college setting.  Mrs. Carlyle said, "The Program has been on the campus of Paine College since 1967 and is one of the few Upward Bound Programs in the nation to be funded continuously since its inception." The students reside on campus during the six-month summer series of classes and activities.  As a product of the Upward Bound Program, Mrs. Carlyle, a 2002 Paine College graduate who steered the award-winning Upward Bound grant process that resulted in the five-year award, commented "The goals and objectives of Upward Bound are developed on the foundation to help students reach their full potential.  Program services foster intelligence and potential of individual students, and challenges participants to explore their personal responsibility to their educational experience and social justice.   I am a testament that TRIO Programs do work.”

By offering programs like Upward Bound, Paine College provides students from low-income families and first generation college students the opportunity to be better prepared for postsecondary education. Mr. Wright feels that this program has made an impact for him,” Upward Bound has made the college process more reachable and attainable.”

For more information about the Paine College Upward Bound federal award, please contact Tonya Williams in the Office of Communications and Marketing at<>, 706.396.7591.  To learn more about the College’s academic offerings, please visit<>.


Department of Education Receives Continued NCATE Accreditation from CAEP

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(Augusta, GA) — Official notices from the Paine College Department of Education will continue to bear the seal of meeting the rigorous standards set for educator preparation programs. The Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP)’s Continuous Improvement Commission voted to continue National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) accreditation for the Department of Education at Paine College.
NCATE and the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC) have consolidated and as of July 2013 they are now the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). A council of educators created to ensure and raise the quality of preparation for their profession, NCATE was founded in 1954 to accredit teacher certification programs at U.S. colleges and universities. Five national education groups were instrumental in the creation of NCATE.
CAEP's Continuous Improvement Commission, which assures the quality and continuous improvement of P-12 student learning, reviewed 66 institutions including Paine College, against rigorous NCATE Standards. The Paine College Department of Education passed the six NCATE standards that include qualifying candidate knowledge, system assessment, practical experience, diversity awareness, faculty qualifications, and institutional resources.
The commission recognized that the Paine College Educational Department is moving toward their target of involving faculty in designing and participating in a program that places student teachers and interns in roles to maximize their experience with P-12 students. The next accreditation visit is scheduled for Spring 2020. Paine College president, George C. Bradley says, “ Paine College values the review process that accreditation provides. We are proud of the work of the educator preparation program and the work that faculty members are doing. The institution is proud of the world class faculty of educators under the leadership of a distinguished Paine College alumna, Dr Judy Carter. The candidates who complete the educator preparation program at Paine College are prepared to meet the needs of a divers P-12 student population and we look forward to continuing to meet that need.”
Dr. Judy Carter, Chair, Full Professor, of the Department of Education shares what this prestigious accreditation means for Paine College and its students. “Our students will be accepted to teach anywhere in the United States, the college will be recognized by its constituents, and we will have the ability to have more partnerships with accredited colleges and universities”.  Graduates from NCATE accredited schools can be assured that they are well equipped to find employment and to pass out of state licensure expectations.

WE Won! Paine College Wins $10,000 Home Depot Beautification Award

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Paine College is proud to be the winner of The Home Depot Retool Your School Home Improvement Grant award of $10,000. Paine competed among 58 colleges to win the national award that is designed to promote preservation of Historically Black Colleges and Universities throughout the nation. “The Retool Your School program is such an important program to The Home Depot,” said Melissa Brown, manager of Multicultural Marketing, The Home Depot. We know how valuable our nation’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities are, and how much they have contributed to our country’s growth. Furthermore, The Home Depot is moved every year by the HBCU community’s passionate response to this program as well as by the proposals submitted by the schools. We continue to get very thoughtful and creative proposals for projects to preserve and improve some of America’s most historic campuses and landmarks.”

Geno Clark, Paine College Director of Sponsored Programs, steered the Tier II winning application. Upon submission and approval of Paine’s application, the College entered into a voting contest among pier institutions to promote school spirit. Paine College faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends were encouraged to vote daily during a 30-day period using social media. The Home Depot tracked the College’s votes and social media activity.

Paine College will utilize the monetary award to beautify and promote safe pedestrian walkways by installing lighting on new pathways.

“As part of the College’s 25-Year Campus Master Plan, pedestrian access to all parts of the campus will be enhanced,” said Dr. George Bradley. The Home Depot Retool Your School award fits with the College’s Campus Master Plan that calls for beautifying the living and learning environment. We are grateful to The Home Depot for realizing that HBCUs matter and that these historic institutions continue to play pivotal roles in providing a world-class education for thousands of underserved students who graduate and go on to become servant leaders in their communities.”

“We are also grateful to the Paine College Community for coming together to cast daily votes for the Paine College proposal during the competition,” said President Bradley.

Paine College, founded in 1882, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This is the country’s official list of buildings and structures worthy of preservation.

For more information about the The Home Depot award, contact Geno Clark in the Office of Sponsored Programs at 706.396.8118,, or Helene Carter in the Office of Institutional Advancement at 706.821.8323,

Paine College and the Augusta Alumni Chapter to present Re-naming of McAnally Street to Lorena Y. Gandy Way

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The Paine College Community is pleased to announce the re-naming of McAnally Street to Lorena Y. Gandy Way, sponsored by The Augusta Chapter of Paine College National Alumni Association and Commissioner William Fennoy. The ceremony will commence Monday, May 26, 2014 eleven o’clock in the morning. It will take place at the corner of Druid Park Avenue and McAnally Street (corner nearest the HEAL Complex).

The late Mrs. Lorena Y. Gandy was a 1949 graduate of Paine College and a longtime supporter of the institution. She was a member of Williams Memorial Christian Methodist Episcopal Church and has two children, Wayne Gandy, Jr. and Angela Gandy Gifford.

The ceremony is open to the community and all are encouraged to attend this exciting event.