Ms. Tomyka Chaney to serve as keynote speaker for Paine College BEEP Week Assembly program

Posted by ncarter | 10/19/2010 06:21 AM

(Augusta, GA)- The Paine College Black Executive Exchange Program (B.E.E.P.) will host assembly on Wednesday, October 20, 2010 at 11:00 a.m. in the Gilbert-Lambuth Memorial Chapel.  Ms. Tomyka Chaney, Executive Director of Best BOOM! Strategies will serve as the keynote speaker.

Chaney is a motivational speaker and Executive Director of Best BOOM! Strategies, a division of Chaney Consulting and Advisory. She has he has over 12 years experience including being a award winning Business Development Manager and Solutions Sales Consultant with several fortune 500 companies like Xerox, Sprint Global Markets, Delta Air Lines, Manpower, Cox and Gannet Communications.

 As a native of Atlanta, Georgia and a Public Relations graduate of Brenau University in Gainesville, Georgia, her professionalism and business acumen has yielded many high revenue contracts and business relationships throughout a cross-section of industries such as Mass Communication, Telecommunications, Finance, Data Solutions, Employment and Education.

Chaney is also an advocate for volunteerism and currently volunteers her training and development skills at the South Dekalb YMCA. She also serves on the Dekalb Juvenile Court Judicial Panel for termination of parental rights where she is instrumental in the quality of life for foster care children in Dekalb County communities. These organizations are very close to her heart and are integral in supporting the family structure for our youth.

In addition, as former Youth President for eight years and currently as Vice President of the Christian Women Auxiliary, she continues to speak and create outreach programs.  She has also held a number of leadership positions on the State level in her Christian organization.

She has spoken and presented to current college students at the Paine College B.E.E.P. Program, Paine College Rotary Club and several speaker series events is the Atlanta metro area. In fact, she has helped motivate prospective college students at several local colleges and universities, where she was instrumental in inspiring students through Best BOOM! Strategies workshops and seminars that helped change their lives and begin a career path for themselves. She has worked with 900 students and alumni in motivating them to weather the current economy by creating a job club that was hugely successful. Through this series of workshops and seminars Best Boom! Strategies, a consulting firm located in Midtown was born.

Best Boom! Strategies, is a strategic and innovative approach to cracking the code to career and personal success. BBS strategies have been instrumental in rapidly improving the success of organizations, educational institutions, as well as individuals.A team of Business Developers, Talent Acquisition Consultants, Business Coaches and Psychologists, has come together with years of experience in corporate consulting and individual counseling, to service the needs of companies and individuals in need now.
BBS is not just another seminar, workshop or consulting service. BBS is a transformational approach to transitioning from one career to another, to one personal development success to another and one organizational accomplishment to another.

BBS provides a comprehensive strategy that incorporates motivational workshops, seminars, coaching, strategic career counseling and coping skill counseling specifically for transitional, displaced employees and employees affected by corporate downsizing.

In additional, we counsel organizations through corporate downsizing by increasing morale of effected departments by motivational workshops and helping displaced employees navigate the competitive job markets to regain employment in today’s competitive world of work.

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