Paine Pre-Alumni Council win two major awards at UNCF Leadership Conference in New Orleans

Posted by ncarter | 03/1/2010 07:42 AM

Each year the United Negro College Fund hosts its annual National Alumni Council (NAC) and National Pre-Alumni Council (NPAC) Leadership Conference, a four day symposium filled with excellent opportunities for networking, motivational, and educational workshops and events for alumni, pre-alumni (students), college presidents, and UNCF staff.

The Conference prepares attendees for leadership and action. It enables the NAC/NPAC to implement its mission of assuring educational access and opportunity for deserving minority scholars.  This conference is an opportunity for UNCF to highlight the accomplishment of its alumni and students and welcomes participation and partnerships with corporate, community, and individual donors.
This year, Paine College Pre-Alumni Council shined by taking home two major awards. 

The Paine College Pre-Alumni Council received the award for Most Improved Pre-Alumni Council and Mrs. Brenda White-Latson received Pre-Alumni Council Advisor of the Year.

"It was great to know that I had touched the students lives to point that they would submit an essay nominating me for this award," Latson said.  "This award means a lot to me and the students because I was the advisor selected over 39 other Pre-Alumni Council advisors." 

In addition to receiving awards the council gained a wealth of knowledge from the educational seminars and workshops, which were designed to establish a climate of collegiality and information exchange.

" The various workshops provided a platform for healthy and progressive dialogue, empowering all in attendance to go back to their respective institutions and make a change through active participation in their Pre-Alumni Councils," said Jenether Stampley, a junior English Major at Paine College.

Photo caption: From left to right- Constance Fields, Justin Dummett, Brenda White-Latson,  Derick Colbert, Tiera Latson (Miss UNCF -Paine College), Jenether Stampley and Oscar Jessie.

ATTENTION STUDENTS: Deadline approaching for Scholarships/Honors/Awards Applications

Posted by ncarter | 02/1/2010 07:27 AM

The Scholarships/Honors/Awards application packet is now available online courtesy of the Committee on Scholarships Honors and Awards (COSHA). 

You can now apply for scholarships, honors and awards from the comfort of your residence hall or home.

Simply click the link below to start.

The application will provide you with:

    * Eligibility Requirements
    * Guidelines and Submission of Application
    * Dates and other pertinent information
    * Application checklist
    * Application form
    * Recommendation form
    * Essay upload form


Students applying for awards, honors, or scholarships must:

   1. Currently be enrolled full-time
   2. Be in good academic standing
   3. Meet all eligibility requirements for each individual scholarship, honor, or award

Guidelines and Submission of Application

   1. Applications must originate from students.
   2. Applications must be typed.
   3. Only one application is required to apply for any of the scholarships listed in this packet.
   4. Applicants must complete the appropriate checklist for each scholarship category applying for.
   5. All financial awards will only be credited toward student accounts for the 2010-2011 academic year.  Cash awards will not be given.
   6. Please do not wait until the deadline date to begin your application. You will not have time to gather or scan of all the application materials that may be needed.
   7. Verify that you meet the criteria for all scholarships, honors, and awards applied for.
   8. The complete Application Package (application, two essays, two recommendations, and checklists) must all be submitted.
   9. All application packets should be posted, by 5:00 p.m., March 1, 2010.
  10. Late or incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Important Dates

Deadline to Submit Application:  March 1, 2010

Honors Day 2010: April 07, 2010