Dr. Alvin Poussaint presenter at Paine College 30th Conference on the Black Experience

Posted by ncarter | 02/7/2011 07:21 AM

(Augusta, GA) - Paine College will host its 30th Annual Conference on the Black Experience. The conference will start Monday, February 7th and end Thursday, February 10th. All conference presentations will be held in Candler Memorial Library 2nd Floor.

On Wednesday, February 9, 2011 Dr. Alvin Poussaint of Harvard University will present The Media’s Impact on Children & Society. Poussaint is an author, psychiatrist, educator, and respected social critic, shows how to balance these important issues to create positive solutions for the future.

On subjects from stress to interpersonal communication, from multiculturalism to family dynamics, Poussaint is one of the country's top authorities. He has worked with corporate managers on the management of stress-related work issues and diversity in the workplace. An expert on the dynamics of racial and ethnic relations in America's increasingly multicultural society, Poussaint is also a strong proponent of non-violent parenting and parenting education, having devoted a great deal of time to violence prevention initiatives.

Born in East Harlem, Poussaint attended Columbia and received his MD from Cornell. He received his psychiatric training at UCLA and earned a masters degree in research methodology. From 1965-67, he was Southern Field Director of the Medical Committee for Human Rights in Jackson, Miss., providing medical care to civil rights workers and aiding in the desegregation of hospitals and health facilities throughout the South.

In 1969, he joined Harvard Medical School, where he is Professor of Psychiatry and Faculty Dean for Student Affairs. He is director of the Office of Recruitment and Multicultural Affairs. From 1994-2010, Poussaint served as Director of the Media Center of the Judge Baker Children's Center in Boston, promoting the health and well being of children and families. The Media Center launched the nonprofit Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, which advocates reducing the impact of advertising in children's lives. He has provided consultation to government agencies, corporations, and the media.

Poussaint authored Why Blacks Kill Blacks (now out of print); co-authored with Dr. James Comer Raising Black Children; and co-authored with Amy Alexander Lay My Burden Down: Suicide and the Mental Health Crisis Among African Americans. With Bill Cosby, he co-authored Come On, People! On the Path from Victims to Victors, a powerful message for families and communities as they lay out their visions for strengthening America, or for that matter, the world. He has written over 100 articles for both lay and professional publications.

As a script consultant to one of the most popular and groundbreaking television programs, The Cosby Show, Poussaint was hired by Cosby to review the scripts and provide consultation on psychological and educational issues in order to screen out inappropriate humor and stereotypes. Responsible for creating positive images of blacks and expanding the cultural context represented by the show, he also served as an educational consultant to Little Bill and Fatherhood for Nickelodeon.

Poussaint is a Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, a Life Member of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, and a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He has received numerous awards and many honorary degrees.

Paine College’s first Conference on the Black Experience was held in February 1981. The project was conceptualized and coordinated by former professors Dr. Leslie J. Pollard, and E. Fuller Callaway. The conference is designed to examine the historic and cultural experiences of Black people throughout the Diaspora and the resultant actions and reactions. The conference will also feature Majorie Evans, Paine College student, Dr. Toby Jenkins of George Mason University, Dr. Glen McMillan of City University or New York-Medgar Evers College, Dr. Derrick Jenkins of University of Cincinnati, Dr. Michael Taylor of Paine College, Dr. Heather J. Abdelnur of Augusta State University, Mr. Marion Barnes, President of the Richmond County Board of Education (Paine alumnus); Dr. Carol Roundtree, Executive Director for Student Services; Dr. Missoura Ashe, Executive Director for Elementary Schools, Dr. Adeleri Onisegun of  Paine College and Dr. Cherie Dawson-Edwards of Kentucky State University .

This year’s homecoming celebration will include the 30th Annual Conference on the Black Experience, 129th Founders Day Convocation, Annual Homecoming Parade, Homecoming Basketball Game, Comedy Show, Greek Step Show, 11th Annual Scholarship Masked Ball, and Gospel Explosion.

For 30th Annual Conference on the Black Experience Schedule visit : http://www.paine.edu/events/homecoming/conf-blackexp/events.aspx

Please visit www.paine.edu/homecoming for event details and ticket prices.
Monday, February 7, 2011
10-10:50am - History of Black History Month by Marjorie Evans Paine College Psychology Student

11-11:50am - Portrait of Culture in Contemporary America by Dr. Toby Jenkins, George Mason University
12-1:45pm - Singing in a Strange Land by Dr. Glen McMillan, City University of New York-Medgar Evers College

Luncheon (By Invitation Only)
4-4:50pm - Hip Hop Activism and Education by Dr. Derrick Jenkins, University of Cincinnati

Tuesday, February 8, 2011
10-10:50am - Social Justice in the U.S. Constitution by Dr. Michael Taylor, Paine College

12-1:45pm - Wayward Women, 1770-1820 Color, Crime and Class in the Caribbean Basin by Dr. Heather J. Abdelnur, Augusta State University

Luncheon (By Invitation Only)
2-2:50pm - Exploring Racial Dialogue in Richmond County Schools (Panel Presentation) by Mr. Marion Barnes, President of the Richmond County Board of Education (Paine alumnus); Dr. Carol Roundtree, Executive Director for Student Services; Dr. Missoura Ashe, Executive Director for Elementary Schools

Wednesday, February 9, 2011 - "The Impact of Culture on Mental Health: A Historical Perspective"
10-10:15am - Drum Invocation and Welcome

10:15-11am - From Boys to Men, Girls to Women: The Transformative Power of Africana Youth Rites of Passage by Dr. Adeleri Onisegun, Paine College
11-11:50am - Identity, Culture, and Mental Health: Student Perspectives (Panel Presentation) by Psychology of Black Experience Class

12-2pm - Cultural Presentation - Community Dialogues by Bistro Theatre

Luncheon (By Invitation Only)
3-4pm  - The Media’s Impact on Children & Society Dr. Alvin Poussaint, Harvard University

Thursday, February 10, 2011
9-10am - Culturally Responsive Education and the STPP by Dr. Cherie Dawson-Edwards and students, Kentucky State University 

For more information, call the Office of Communications and Marketing at 706-396-7591 or contact Ms. Natasha Carter at Ncarter@paine.edu.