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Paine College National Alumni Association (PCNAA)

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PCNAA Mission

Out of appreciation for the education received at Paine College the National Alumni Association, with pride in commitment is dedicated to continuous improvement of educational processes through strengthening alumni relations, encouraging alumni to be life long stewards, and supporting the Paine College Community through fund raising, service and leadership.

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Graduates who were concerned about the welfare and perpetuity of Paine College founded the Paine College National Alumni Association (PCNAA) in 1891. Since its chartering in 1967, the Association continues to support the College in its fundraising and academic efforts as a 501 (c) 3 organization.

The National Alumni Association of the Paine Institute was formally organized in 1891. By the end of the 1889-1890 school term, Paine Institute had graduated 33 students from its high school. The charter members of the National Alumni Association were high school graduates.

The first officers of the Paine College National Alumni Association were Thomas Levi Cobb (H.S., 1886) - president, Janie M. Gardner (H.S., 1888)- vice president, and Josie B. Smith (H.S., 1889) - secretary. Dr. George Williams Walker, president of the Institute, acted as the treasurer until his death in 1911. Nineteen persons have served as president of the Association.

Their years of service have ranged from a few months in 1963 for Dr. William L. Graham to fifteen years for Dr. James S. Outler (A.B., 1916), from 1928 to 1943. Miss Emma C.W. Gray (H.S., 1908) served as secretary for 48 years. For almost half a century, Miss Gray was the major link between the College and its alumni. Mr.Yewston N. Myers, Sr., (A.B., 1927) has had the longest tenure as treasurer, 23 years, from 1958 to the present time.

In various ways, for ninety years, Paine alumni have made contributions to their alma mater. Even before their organization in 1891, alumni gave The Institute helpful items such as napkins, kitchen utensils, silver, glassware, and furniture. After the Association was organized, members believed that they could render a greater service. Members began to work to contribute to the college in a substantial way.

Over the years, the participation from PCNAA members has continued to grow helping the college reach fundraising goals as well as enhancing campus facilities. The PCNAA contributed greatly to the erection of Haygood Hall, which began in 1896. The Association donated funds for brick walls to surround the building, a clock tower and memorial plaques. The Association continues to contribute to various projects, campaigns and scholarships for the College. In 1933, under the leadership of Dr. J. S. Outler, president of the PCNAA, the members voted to raise $10,000.00 for a scholarship fund and to make loans to needy students. The PCNAA reached the goal with funds through the contributions of its members. Now, annually, the Association awards one to four scholarships to worthy students.

The PCNAA members express appreciation for what Paine College has done to positively uplift and impact the lives of its alumni. The Association continues to uplift the College through participation in activities and monetary contributions.