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  • Homecoming February 10 -14, 2016 | Main Campus
  • Founder’s Day Convocation February 12, 2016 | Gilbert Lambuth Chapel
  • Baccalaureate May 7, 2016 | Gilbert Lambuth Chapel
  • Commencement May 8, 2016 |HEAL Complex

No events scheduled.

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Kisha Lucette is currently Paine's head volleyball coach, and assistant women's basketball coach. She is also part of the adjunct faculty, as well as senior women's administrator. She has made historical milestones as the first and only jersey to be retired at Paine in volleyball and basketball.

How has Paine prepared her for success?

"Definitely playing for the Lady Lions helped me to learn time management as well as social skills. I learned how to deal and get along with different people, and being able to come in being a student and now working at Paine it’s a blessing."

What's next for her?

"Really I'm just going with the flow. I enjoy what I do very much, and would love to stay in the line of coaching."

Message from Director of Alumni Relations

Greetings fellow alumni, future alumni, prospective alumni, friends and visitors:

It’s an exciting time within the purple and white gates of Paine College. With your support, we will continue to grow and restore the greater good Paine College has to offer to the world. On behalf of the nearly 7,000 alumni of this great institution, it is my pleasure to invite you to join a Paine College National Alumni Association near you.

Paine College can only continue to thrive off the support of its graduates and friends of the college. We get involved with our families and work and suddenly we’ve lost touch with those outside that close circle. The Alumni Association can help you stay connected to those friends and to the vast resources available here, from the faculty that taught and guided you, web sites, social media and an extraordinary variety of “stay connected” programs designed with you in mind. They are all designed to support you as you pursue your post-academic life and career.

However, TOGETHER, WE CAN become forces for personal and organizational change. I would challenge you to think of ways you can give back to Paine College to whatever degree you are comfortable. And I do not mean just monetarily, though that is, of course, always welcome and greatly needed at this moment. There are many ways to give back, from career and academic mentoring to volunteering time at on- and off-campus events to simply attending academic and social events. As you will find, giving back has another benefit: it feels good to know you have helped someone and we are an institution who thrives on service and excellence.

So I thank you for visiting with us today, and please come back often. I encourage you to explore all that we have to offer to stay connected and make yourself and PC stronger. And if you should find yourself in the area, please do not hesitate to stop by the Alumni House. The staff here will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and fill you in on what is happening around the campus.

PAINEfully Committed,
Ala'Torya V. Cranford '09, MS
Director of Alumni Relations