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Alumni are essential members of the Paine College community. They are lifelong stakeholders in the institution, and their passion and loyalty to their alma mater inspire devotion that is second to none. These bonds of affection are very special and Paine College cannot achieve its goals without them.

The Office of Alumni Relations is responsible for building strong partnerships between alumni and the College. The staff oversees all alumni communications, programs and services, and special events. The Office of Alumni Relations also helps Paineites to keep in touch or find any other Paineites through the alumni database.

The mission of the Office of Alumni Relations is to support Paine College in its efforts to provide an educational experience of the highest quality to deserving undergraduates. Alumni can play many important roles in furthering Paine's success. Specifically, the Office of Alumni Relations will work to foster communication within the greater College community, strengthen the bond between the College and its alumni, provide valued support and service to alumni, and encourage alumni involvement in College activities. The Office of Alumni Relations is committed to maintaining a robust organization that seeks to keep alumni informed and encourages meaningful involvement with the College among its diverse alumni community.

The vision of the Office of Alumni Relations at Paine College is to encourage total Alumni support and participation in all program implementation and campaign thrusts set forth by the office as well as Paine College. It is with good intention that all programs and activities serve as physical support of the Strategic and Master Plan of Paine College to become the premier liberal arts institution in the Southeast region.

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