The purpose of ACES is to engage the campus community in applying skills for the development of scholars who are prepared professionals ready to engage in graduate and professional school studies. Upon completing a program of study, every graduate of Paine College should be faced with the challenge of choosing between several meaningful professional opportunities. The ACES initiative ensures that all students at Paine College are supported in meeting this goal.


The goal of the program is to increase Paine College’s retention rate to at least 75% and the graduation rate to at least 50%. The ACES initiative is designed in line with the allowable activity authorized under 34 CFR Section 608.10 - tutoring, counseling, and student service programs designed to improve academic success.

Organizational Structure

Academic Advising

Using a shared-model Academic Advising will provide students with clear and contemporary information on any given program of study while providing them with specific discipline support to realize their academic goals. Professional advisors ensure that students understand the requirements of any given program of study, while faculty mentors provide students with guidance regarding discipline specific activities to include post baccalaureate opportunities, research, and scholarly opportunities.

Disabilities Services

By practice and policy Paine College makes reasonable accommodations for students with properly documented disabilities that may adversely impact academic performance. Although Paine College operates no specifically structured academic programs for individuals with disabilities, Disabilities Services provides support with communication between faculty and students who are eligible to receive reasonable accommodations.

Academic Persistence

The Early Warning System provides faculty members with a way to identify student behavior or activities that will adversely impact their academic performance. Additionally, all students who are on academic probation will be provided with support. Support for students includes identification of appropriate campus resources and monitoring of non-cognitive skills. Students who have had some type of interruption in their College experience will be provided with transition support.

Academic Support

Quantitative and Communications Support helps students maximize their educational opportunities and realize their academic potential. It also helps faculty explore different methods of teaching and implementing pedagogical innovations. This is accomplished through workshops, specific preparation for external examinations, one-on-one peer tutoring, and consultations.

Leadership Development

All students at Paine College are expected to engage in those activities that will ensure their acceptance into all graduate and/or professional schools identified by their program of study, as well as be offered opportunities to engage in professional opportunities beyond their undergraduate study. Leadership development includes support in applying for competitive scholarships, internships, study abroad and service experiences in preparation for leadership beyond their undergraduate study.