Candidates must fulfill college and certification requirements to graduate from the Teacher Education Program. Students must meet criteria listed below:
  • Pass student teaching (EDU 490 and 490L or EDU 491 and 491L or EDU 492 and 492L).
  • Pass EDU 489 (Assessment Skills in Education)/ Pass EDU 397, EDU 401, EDU 402
  • Compile and present an electronic portfolio with a rating of "Proficient."
  • Submit Personal/Professional Disposition Matrixes with a rating of "Acceptable."
  • Demonstrate the required technology competency.
  • Have 2.50 major field and cumulative GPAs.

Students applying for graduation after one or more years of a break in continuous enrollment are required to have current external agency criteria and the Paine College criteria in place during the year the student seeks graduation.